10 days challenge - day 9 *loves*

I'm a sort of like who believe and respect very thing around and try to have the pleasure of happiness with what ever I'm blessed with. Love to me is respect and admiration and unselfish care and support  which is sort of hard to find this days. Love & friendship this days happen to be just a namesake tag for their domestic use, I some time wonder why people play in the name of feelings. people who have selfish intension just pretend to light up your life but the truth is later their the reason for the darkness we end up in.Sometimes illusion of believing every smiling face may end up with tears in your eyes forever its just a thought from my life gallery or let me put it as experience .In todays life we don't know whom to trust or give them the priorities or to love .I guess its really very hard to see clear in broken glasses, every thing looks so wrong and selfish through it, its getting harder to believe or trust any one this days. all faces look alike the killer face from the nightmare. don't know why people play with feelings and destroy some one else life for their own pleasure but i still believe; love is beautifully and i was wrong and made a wrong choice. well skipping out of my chapter to my subject of the day.
1.well i don't need to mention 1st place is always saved for my dad, mom,brother and sister no doubt its only for family like always and forever.
2.my sweet dogie "Happy". you might be knowing him already but here he is in his 3 months puppy photo my sweet heart .

3.some one whom i use to look up for the definition of love but now all I'm left with is  memories ..
4.  my sexy cell phone ♥

5.love to eat ice cream in rain *yumm*

6.my blog which is actually making my life 'Technicolor'.

7. music is my life ,my love forever !!
 8.to sarcastic but

9.well there is nothing much in my life to be mentioned, I do respect every thing but i just don't hold on to it like to build a relation called 'love attachment' this days because like i mentioned in my last post; love is like heaven but hurts like hell, regarding every thing so this days when it comes to love i prefer to be isolated  . 

PS i know this post of mine is total pakku *lame*  i'm sorry just no good feeling about love .so its like right topic on wrong day !!

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥


da da da... i even luv my dad....mad at icecream....luv to blog.....luv wallets(male)....similar again...................................:D
Dumbo thats not wallet ,that is my cell phone :/ . and yup indeed we have alot in common :)
subhan said…
hello that is really nice what u have written....
Prathi said…
@subhan thank you visit back soon :)
Prathi said…
me too luv to eat ice cream in rain...and luv ur mysore city very much..bcoz my lover studyning der..i hv lot of sweet memorys on der..
gokul said…
sry...i am gokul..

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