clock !!!

boy : (speaking in phone) i'm so happy ,i'm going to see you after such a long time .
girl : me to ,very excited !!!
boy : have you informed others about this ??
girl :about what ??
boy : that your coming . 
girl : NO, i don't want any attention ,i'm sure they are busy and all.Don't wanna bother any one, more over we are nothing like before so i don't want any one to know i'm coming.
boy : you miss them ,don't you ??
girl : well i do but times changed we need to move on .
boy : don't you wanna see them get back together like old times ??
girl : I wish I could turn the clock around but..!! well don't to talk more on this please.
boy : did i mention you girls are wired .
girl : hundred times in a day lol. okay enough talk i need to pack .will be waiting be in time ill reach around 10am please don't make me wait ok.
boy : don't worry ill be there in time. ok gotcha do some home work ill call you in a while 
girl :ok fine :)
boy :and love i'm really excited .
girl : me too cya tomorrow love you loads sweet 

   before i could finish my talk he disconnected the call.he never does that with out replying .i felt bad really bad. thought he was indeed not that excited about the meet but i kept myself away from getting disappointed and started to pack .
It was quit a journey i was lost in the thoughts about our last talk after that he had not called or text me and even didn't reply my calls. i had a two feeling now just don't wanted to face more disappointed.last time when i was home due to something silly we all friends lost our contact. don't wanted that again i kept saying to myself he must be busy any ways he had mentioned about some home work so relax and its gonna be fine .
Bus reached on time was waiting in stand for him but there was no sing of him,I tried calling but it was not reachable was literally scattered and literally filled in tears.I tired to call no repose thought this meet indeed was a bad idea. I got into my return bus was sobbing in the last set of the bus.
thought of giving a last call before taking the tickets .
when i got my cell out there was a text from him.
" sorry honey i can't pick you please don't be sad i'm in some trouble and i need you to wait for me in my house please. i hope you will understand " 
The word trouble hit me so bad i forgot all about the past one hour and rushed to his place.
as i got off the auto i saw many vehicles out side the house as i entered there were so many slipper all this got me into more worry . the door was open,as i entered inside the whole room was dark,i stood still in the center of hall calling his name out loud .
all of the sudden a familiar voice from behind "welcome home" as i turned to see who it was.A flash of light all my friends jump out from their hide spot shouting surprise.
the people i thought i would never  meet again in my life ever were hugging me and telling we missed you.
that was the most happiest day of my life that feeling is simply a lifesaver.
Now i knew why he didn't pick me and what home work he was talking about. he had been through a lot of trouble to get them all together on that working day.

boy : hugged me and said I love you too dear sorry i had to ignore you all this time i'm sorry ,did you like my welcome gift .
girl : i loved it ,(i was speechless i hugged him and said thank you for understanding my unsaid emotions your the best).
boy : you know some thing you need not turn around the clock just wait for it because it stops 2 times a day in same spot, just be smart enough to fig it out.
⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥


Anonymous said…
This is sweet! :)
yar luvd it....simply awesooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome...:D
no words...:-)...!!!
Gowthami said…
Wonderful post prathima!

keep writing :)
Gowthami said…
here is a gift for u..

visit ma blog here

@colors thank you so much dear this really mean a lot coming for u :)
@earthie thanks a lot ra :):)
@gowthami awww thats really cute thanks a lot sweet ... i am pleased :)
thanks hun i like your page too! how do we go about that link exchange you asked? i'd love to, thanks :)

btw, that was a good read. i think what he did was absolutely so sweet awwww!
btw, i cant find your follow buttom so i can follow you and add you to my blogroll :(
Anuroop reddy said…
very well written :)

Why,Google connect is missing from ur blog?
@beauty style addict thank you :).
@anuroop reddy thanks and i dnt know :(
you're google follow link is only on your "about me" page... i'm now following you & you're now on my blogroll.. remember to do the same. thanks again ^-^
beautifully written!!

I wish those typos were not there...
Prathi said…
@SV mm well thanks for stopping by :)
Nice n cool ♥ keep it UP !!!!
NIKEE said…
Keep IT UP Ha...... Nice ♥ ♥
NIKEE said…
nice ♥ ♥ ♥

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