Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fallen in love

I smile thinking over the first time I looked at you.

It tingles the way you looked back at me.

And those cold stare reminds me of new born,

There, my heart was loud for the first time.

Oh please just tell me this secret of yours.

I’m losing myself every time I gaze at your eyes,

It feels like drugs, and I’m high like sky.

With you every moment, my heart is starving for more,

And I can’t wait but to fall in love with you .

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

about new blog/daily blog

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After days of search I finally came up with a name for my daily blog with all help from my sweet hearts *mwahhh* there was quite an option actually and was really confusing. Well ill list those names below check it out and let me know which one sounds more “me”. It’s just that I’m struck with “P.S just saying” and “simple yet complicated”  so let me know what you think okays. I so badly wanted to do the blog on 12/12/12 *sad face* curse that system Walla uncle who delayed in fixing my PC and that’s a reason was not blogging for days now and day before yesterday got my PC so here I’m blabbering clueless so that’s it guess I’ll start on with my new/daily blog from 2013 or if I live *lol* than surly 21/12/2012 would be the date  *finger cross* .

Here are the names for my blog,
  • P.S just saying
  • Simply being human.
  • And??
  • Daily blossom.
  • Heights of exaggeration.
Comment your pick thank you :-)

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

P.S just saying (someone)

There are many peoples whom you call own yet they distract and hurt you always but someone very much unknown can make you smile and be your “one in the million” and your reason to smile. Unknowingly or knowing we are someone’s reason to, We might not notice this in our buys life but we might mean world to someone really unknown to us. In times of difficulties they show up and help. Someone far out of reach and notice there is someone always thinking of us and watching us. Their thoughts can light you up and clear your mind and make you feel very much confident and alive sometimes in a strange way.
Just think about it when someone means so much for you and you can do anything to make them smile and they don’t know that even you exist. Like wise some where in the corner of this world even you'll be someone’s someone. So always be smiling and happy your smile might bright up someone’s day. These might feel filmy but trust me you’ll believe it ones you feel it.


Monday, August 13, 2012

P.S just saying (new life)

In this life journey I always got lost in important turning point of my life and I always stayed distracted. The feeling of nobody killed me. Had nothing in life everything was passing clouds and time been attraction .I never had any thing to relate myself and I really hated that feeling of been nothing. I was just below average girl always shy, scared and lack of confidence, a totally loser in word. I all most tried every kind of a things to relate myself but nothing last long, just name it and yes I had a time of my life trying to fit in. was a totally dumb it feels crazy the way I was but today I know I’m something beyond average. Only bcoz I learnt through my mistakes and my stupidity.

• Sitting in house while all my friends were in college.

• getting backstabbed by my very own,

• Doing all the crazy and messy things just for fun.

• Getting education with people way younger.

• Relationship and commitments in young age.

Many more things which can't be mentioned, I was a bitch than but I’m proud of what I’m today and only I know what all I went through to reach so far. I always ended up in wrong things but I learnt and survived those times. Life is miserable if you don't know why you’re alive! Love, friendship, habits, guilt and mistakes. This are the things which help you grow and will make you feel proud on a fine day. So whatever happens, it happens for good.

I'm not a proper daughter or anything even close to good but I’m starting to do good things which is making me feel good this days and that’s all I care. I’m happy in my own shoe and I’m proud the way I’m today. So I love myself and don't care what others got to say or think about me because only I know what I'm and my capability to be beyond someone’s judgment .

P.S love yourself before falling for anything and I finally have things to related myself today, if you are thinking its love, its wrong I’m happy and very close to achieving my dreams.

Love and kisses

Sunday, August 12, 2012

P.S just saying (hello)

Me: hey , hello ! How you doing ? Quit a while , sorry got busy couldn't return your calls , ssup ?

Him: its okay re I understand and im fine, how you, all good with you kya?

Me: I'm pretty know how it happens with me.nothing much but to many things to talk with you , missed you real much.

Him: I'm all ears.

(I start with my whole week thing and he patiently listen.after a long senseless talk and hearty laugh)

Him: I'm so happy not for anything, its been like a week I spoked to someone or someone called up and asked how I'm doing, its just strange but I'm really glad you called.

wired! I was actually low and lonely myself and felt like talking to someone , someone who would understand me with out my explanation. That someone who know me better than myself and someone who would understand everything with my single hello. Every time when I feel above,that someone with out fail succeed in brightening up my face. just a hey, hello ! Is more than enough for my someone always. Lucky I feel to be blessed with such a friends in my life.but strange is, I was thinking im nobody and banging my head over my guilts and loneliness and looking over my phone I realised I had not spoked or returned any of my friends call for quit a while,apart my own sting I managed to call up my friend. After a while talk I realised no matter how good or thick and understanding friends might be, but they still need us like the way we need them. Thats why you call up that someone when we need someone.

Lesson learnt: No matter how busy you get or how impossible it is but always answer a friends call, bcoz you need them more than they need you. "A friend in need is a friend in deed"

P.S just something with real something to learn and understand and sorry if I have encountered any grammar that would be because I'm blogging through cell.

hugs and kisses :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Okay its been like ages I posted some sense pardon me for that.I was distracted, got lazy blah blahs.. So finally I'm blogging and back on track :) and im extremely sorry for not been such a good follower either thats bcoz my lappi is in coma and here on ill be posting through my cell so kindly bare and spare my broken language and I'm trying my best not to encounter the grammar *fingers crossed* but whatever I do , you please correct me and bare me , TY .opss my bad !

Happy friendship day y'all all xoxo


Falling in love happen just like that,so easily but why it is so hard to move on? falling in love is like suicide attempt, you won't live nor you die. You hang yourself between hell and heaven..

When it happens you feel on top of the universe but when the same trust go down ,your pushed from cloud9 you'll fall but you won't die and yet you can't live. When you suffer and finally survive you will fail to recognize yourself ..time will heal but everything changes with time ,ones lost can never be regained. Aftr days will again get set for another suicidal mission..why love is so crazy fun and yet critical?

P.S I'm blogging through cell so kindly bare any mistakes and sorry for wired post just feeling random :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Rain & Love

Tangled with mixed feelings she sat there staring out side the window. the silence of rain was so intense that her heart pounded to the pitter patter of rain. she closed her eyes trying to get back into the face, that Innocent but yet soul pricking , sparking bright eyes and those cute but scared face, loyally wagging little tail. She smiled thinking how it ate all her biscuits this morning and the way it played with her shoelace but she scared its safety for tonight. the guilt filed her emotions, the fear of losing it was killing her; she desperately wanted to run back and warp it in her arms and protect that innocence forever. She hoped and prayed for its safety from the rain and swear to god no matter what happens tomorrow she will for sure bring the puppy along with her and shelter, love and care it forever but the only fear was its safety from rain and her mother reaction for her decision. 

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Saturday, June 30, 2012


It happened, what was supposed to happen.
Long back then,
Where we first lost it all,
Today it happened just like the way I had imagined, it would.
Feelings are blank or black. why I feel so heavy?
Sun is rising and setting in horizon .
That won’t sound romantic any more, why?
But still don’t want to cry, because tears won’t heal.
So am I wounded?
You did it first so now I’m ending it.
 anyways you have done it, now why blaming me for everything.
Love is not a contract, wish you could have understood.
Business? May be,
But I knew it would happen but when it did, why I feel nothing.
And just like that it’s over with nothing but emptiness.
‘Yes! I promise’ was just a word.
Just Like I LOVE YOU.
If everything is just a word than what is real?
‘I trust you ’saying wont make it happen. Gosh I wish so!!
But still what so of daydreaming,
When you know your living a nightmare.
So much for Love..
but still..!!
Whatever, its simply Over.
Maybe because fake things wont last forever.
Just like you and me.

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥

Saturday, June 16, 2012

How broad will you stretch your mind?

Hard it is to fall in love but bad it is to fall I love, the ultimate thing you gone feel in love is pain. There is nothing more but a lot of estrogen and testosterone production in your body and there you happily encounter yourself for nothing but the worst nightmare of your life, tho conscious and subconscious you know it’s wrong yet you strain your body for semi-physical and emotional blackmail about never-happening-fantasy of your not-so-good-love-life.
not reality
 “Regards of life is always learned when you face end of survival” and “Importance of freedom and self-respect is learned when you fall in love”. It is a beautiful thing to happen but are always read but never said (you see people are not that bad after all they knowing don’t push any one into hell) if you thing I’m been “DE-motivating” then ask the person committed or in relationship, you’ll know what I’m talking about and love is not 100% disaster it’s still the amusingly strange thing in this everything-so-automatic world but it’s simply hard and impossible to find that true love over modern days ranging trends because that’s the only thing we do try to fit into the so-called-trends of life style no matter what if it’s insane, yet we do it! After tons of love-romance fiction you might feel strong for love but trust me it’s simply hard to relay over fictions in reality and love for now starts with smile and ends in bed (no offense) but hey c’mon it’s in trend, until and unless they discover “how good or like how wild you are in bed”, love never happens and falling in love is easy just like that and happens every day just like that.(really!! will that’s not called love, may be misspell with lust).*lol* and ‘lover’ it’s simply a common need in life, (need? Not where you miss them kind a need) every week different person to fall in love, I don't know simply why don’t they call it love-making that sounds real and more over they will be only alcohol high, not love high and love ends with hangover for such selfish thing,so why say love? And if you’re a virgin!! Than your Un-touchability victim and they stare like oh-this-is-how-virgin-look attitude. What more one care in this always-copy-Americans-Africans-and-animals life style, its 22nd century and it’s scary. People hardly consider emotions and meanings, OK now I’m not been an hypocrite ask yourself you see people “two timing or cheating” or “quick move on boyfriends and girlfriends as in everyday-change” what’s the first word out of your mouth?? “That’s normal this day’s yet the ugly truth why you bother just move on” and in some replies “your still in 21st century old cow” (haha old cow?) and “times changed, you have to kiss every single frog till you find Mr. right and Ms. perfect”(really?)well this is how we accept change by hurting someone else priority just like that? That’s not change for me, it’s more liked cruel! I’m not been headlong-mental here it simply hurts to look at such society. We are very much still the same educated modern Indians, “modern” but why always underestimate what we believe in. culture and costumes are far gone but manners? (for god sake) Using someone for your pleasure like that in name of love (disgusting).

This days “how long you in relationship?” is asked like “how many more days you’ll be in relationship?” and all thanks to social networks it’s even to simple and easy to look for next victim. No one can help but laugh behind us and seeing someone destroy their life is called free-entertainment *evil smile*. I know I’m been random and rational but seeing this sort of peoples around everyday makes me so uncomfortable may be because I’m too narrow minded or very typical? (Am I?)

Girls these days- she go on in relationship for 8 and more years and keep fighting for love marriage with her family but she secretly maintain affairs (for fun?) because her relationship will be bore with time yet she can’t leave that guy but can cheat on him and whom will she marry? A rich NRI in the end! And question her about all this “oh please I had to marry him okay it was for my parents” (was she orphan before?). Another girl –again she fall in same category but on top of ‘F’ list, she is middle class girl with high dreams and desires (acceptable) and happy in relationship but her guy is too over-protective-possessive-bore so she go on 2 timing with other guys with mutual understanding, the 2nd fellow will know about her love story but he won’t underestimate his only-f**k-girlfriend. What you call this, love? If you ask her anything all she can reply is “look I’m always serious about him(1st one) and I love him but he don’t understand my needs and I can’t compromise, it’s for fun only okay, I know I’ll get married to him no matter what and I’m not going to betray him”(explain betray please).
It’s not just girls been culprits there are this super –smart guys who play equally and always stay superior over this kind of girls. Here is one example this guy he is does nothing but go adding pretty Facebook profile picture girls and propose them later(if they are pretty but not smart they agree) and then date them and more of more dates, and ____ them and more of the same and later “babe I think we isn’t working out we were better as friends so please understand it’s for our own good but will be friend forever if you wish”(if you wish?) if they can’t keep the promise than why the hell they bed a innocent girl?(I only mean innocent girls) can’t they pay for their f**king pleasure and f**k a prostitute instead or is it they simply can’t bare virgins around them and damn this is fraud not love (haha what a love story). Another fellow he is so superior-super-smart he manages 3to4 girls at a time (how smart& wow) and guys complain-one women is hard to balance with life *smiley*. And most funny part when your parents learn you are in love and want to get married, all they say is” At this young age you wanted it, are you so desperate, couldn’t you wait till marriage?”(omg how to tell parents even today true love happens and this is my love not lust). People who succeed all the above love drama and happy find their true love but yet they will fall weak in society because of the stupid assumption our parents hold over love marriage, few parents say “it was a age mistake get over it and marry good one” (actually this is the good one above all) but nope it won’t happen. This might be because of what they hear, see and know about today’s love story; it’s not their fault actually! And for already heartbroken victim they go so over smart that they tend to maintain 2/more girl/boy back up plains (what to say now?*smiley*).Are this all posh-things to tag, really? Posh! If you’re someone who think like posh means not life statues it’s a lifeforms with rulebook then all I say is (do you have a dictionary? if so please LEARN).

I don’t care and I’m not been judgmental, it’s your life it’s good for you! But all I ask is, am I been a hypocrite or is this all so-really-common? Or am I the only lame person finding this equal to sin? Clear me out please it would be a great help because it’s kind a been uneasy over me and I’m having trouble fitting in. so that’s it I’m nobody to shout out loud to someone bitch (haha) and I feel I’m been too narrow minded and not-so-posh-and-happening-girl-from-the-corner, if above is called broad thinking/minded please explain?

PS please don't sue me for been outspoken and its simply the real fact I don't want to hurt any ones feelings.
⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back to college..

 Shifted into total bliss, just by those memories!
It act as a essential vitamin to enrich us from bore,
Selfishness might be the extend you can touch
But you’ll never extinct the always-true-reality.
Strange is when those memories blossom to hope,
Every time you smile at those old odd buildings, you know what you miss more!
May be it was future, all you thought about than
But today you just can’t stand the thought of apart any more.

Complicated is the way teenage was,
But all treat was because of friends.
Stepping into those hunted walls all you can sense is their importance in life.
Just like old times you see their mirage waving a smile in corridor
And you walk into that vintage room;
where your life changed into Technicolor drama
You blush imagining your first crush presence in the last row,
As you sense the charm of first love;

Tears roll down from corner of your eyes over those mesmerizing days.
You reach to those wooden benches, then you hated
The moment it touches you, memories go alive regaining its lost color,
and enlightening your senses!
You pick the broken chalk piece and throw it in the thought of those chalk fights, you enjoyed!
Once again you sit there warmth and innocent like a bud
and there you feel it all in your vain;Eager to blossom and fly
Once-thought-hell longs to be your lost paradise
You warp it all tight, hugging and kissing the bundle, you drop it deep down your heart
Smile brightens your lost confidences and life runs into you,
with happiness and excitement you walk out with reunion plans.

my college

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mistake of Love..

All she wanted was to feel her soul which was shouting for mercy, a ray of hope and lot of courage but the truth laid by her side which was hard to buy at that moment of time, all she could concentrate and believe was in her fantasy, Romance with her dreams was all about to end in few seconds but she managed to pick up the pleasures out of that nightmare. She asked to herself ones and for all time sake, closing her eyes she went back in time.
photo credit
Looking deep into those sparkling eyes, that laughter of bliss, and everything made her sense him ones again she cuddled him in love with a joy of having him in her arms and they looked adorable together, playing, giggling and hugging each other so tight, never willing to let go. she breaks the silences in her husky voice “baby I want to remember this day like the day of new being and the sweet sin we just committed to be pure” and she shyly smile playing with her cloths and continue “and I want it to be just with you forever and always, will you promise me that sweet heart" she looks deep into those wondering eyes for an yes but he simply fade away from her sight. Tears rolling down her cheeks as she wake up in a horror, she look all around her room and try to comfort into reality by splashing water on her face she convince herself that it was just a nightmare and it’s over now and try to control her tears but she fall apart and starts screaming and hurting herself in disgust. The nurses run into the room and go numb at the sight of blood splashed all over the white bedspread the lady bandage her bleeding wrist and immediately drug her to sleep. Before falling asleep she note that no matter what she can’t die in peace until and unless she get to know the exact reason for what he betrayed her trust and love. She weep in silents” I might have forgiven you for breaking my heart but why you had to share our love with the world, every time I deiced to get over you, I know people are seeing me naked with you”

photo credit
The touch and feel of someone disturb her to reality, she open her eye looking at a gorgeous face and angel figure but all it said was “she is fine, continue her prescription” and for her disappointment it was a routine doctor. She sits up on bed collecting back her thoughts and look at her tired mother and smile to her and reach her arms for a hug, she hold her tight and say “why do you hurt yourself my dear? Do you think by hurting yourself your past will change? No my darling, please stop hurting us like this, don’t you know how much we love you? And she hug her mom tight and say “I know mom, I’m fine don’t worry”

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Friday, April 06, 2012

Lets Dance !!

I walk into the light in middle of the floor and observe the darkness all around.
I hold on to my ground and hope for the big, the big thing to happen
and make my dream come true.
ecstasy in my excitement, as the crowd goes loud,
I groove and move to the beat of my heart.
Every day in high sky when I look, I see myself.
Singing the song yeah the happy song of my life.
It feels great with all my mates shouting and laughing
Well it isn't hard to tell, that’s the way we all want.
So just Catch the beat and add stereo and dance
Dance like everyone around you is blind.
Come on you need not be so shy!
It’s not everyday you get to live your dreams high
Make it happen and make yourself beautiful.
Now will you please get out
Like just get it out and live your life high.
What else can be more beautiful ?than living your dream ones a life time.
you know what?
it also heals the pain of your heart.
so trust your heart and you'll always be happy.

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

With a kisS....

Our senses blossomed as we hugged.
Your strong body melting in my desire,
Closer look on you; I grab yours chubby cheeks and pinch them into tomato red.
You cry out in pain; I laughing as you cover yours face like a kid.
You peek to see me laugh and there I know what your up to next.
I try to escape from your sight before that; I get to taste your sweet cherry lips.
Heaven it felt the way you held me.
Locked up in your arm; that feels so much right!
And then there you cheat by opening yours eyes.
You held my face and kissed on my eye.
I blush and struggle in your soft hold and you tease me more tickling me into laughter.
I surrendered with a smile and you hugged me tight looking deep in my eyes.
Childishly we embrace in that worthy moment, cherishing our souls.
I rest my head on your chest hearing to the melody of our love.
I look up your glowing face; speechless,
And with out any pause we kissed.
Just as I felt the fireworks in the sky, I lean towards you lifting my heels high.
Tingled in my heart when you smiled on my lips and I got tangled in love ones again with a kiss.

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Drama of Life !

Peace of mind, where scribbling feels right.
Inking down the darkness resembles my life.
Where all I do is look for light,
Drama is what I live in,
Today, tomorrow, yesterday all are my ghost from last night,
Don't know where my future lays.
Passing the ball, playing the game is not my life.
Happiness flows like tears.
Why it can't change, when I want to change everything.
Stone is harder but still get smashed,
Why doesn't my heart understand this is life.
Laughing in joy, when it is fake!
Crying in vain, when it's fate!
Why can't I understand this is life.

photo credit

PS I do'nt know how good is my post but i really wanted to high light the image. the photographer is one of my Facebook friend Swaroop M Koushik .so do ink down what you feel :).
*Thanks Swaroop for letting me use this image*

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Today !!

I don’t feel like doing any thing, today.
It’s because your far there from me, today.
But still it’s not enough for my love to fade away from you, today.
I can’t think of any thing sweet than your smile to load up, today.
It feels bliss to see how far we walked hand in hand, today.
When I think about yesterday,
O my!Those silly talks, unbearable pain, countless fights, stupid arguments and finally here we are, today.
My words might, not be doing its magic, today.
But my heart’s bombarding with loads and lots of love for you, today.
It might be Valentine’s Day, today.
But my love for you is like always and everyday

Sunday, February 12, 2012

From the day till Today

You’re twinkling like a star in my heart and I wonder how far you are.
The spear of this galaxy in your love is killing me, so hard!
Happy for what happened I smiled thinking about that moment.
But all I can blame now is why it had to happen.
From the day till today it has changed everything.
Memory's play an evil role everyday.
When ever I think of you, I end up crying,
Missing those moments, has become an hobby ,
But all I wonder now is what went wrong.

People say love is a magic, it happen ones and last forever.
And they finally call it a love story,
But why our story had to end in b/w no where.
I had never thought; the other side of love could be as horror as death.
And today when I’m standing here with out you;
All I can think about is the day we kissed,
I wish those days back, I wish you back.
Missing you from the day till today.

photo credit

PS thanks joshi daniel for letting me use this image :).

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

A rose to say..

Pamper me from my mistakes.
Hug me when I’m angry.
Talk to me when I’m sad.
Hold my hands when I need you.
And kiss me when I say I miss you.
Never ever hate me, for my mistakes.
Don’t be irritated, when I’m angry.
Don’t ignore me, when I’m sad.
Don’t leave me, when I need you.
And slap me, when I say I hate you.
Because, only I know how much I admire you.

photo credit

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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Around the world;
It goes round and round.
Blossoming the drought,
Tanning the sand,
And the instinct of moon brings dreams.
Letting out the peace.
But I sit and smile!!

The world is losing its moisture,
And the earth’s blood is contaminated,
The world is getting dried and tanned.
Green is cut down every where,
And it’s showering acid.
Animals are persevered in zoo.
Everything is list under endangered,
And I simply sit and talk about global warming.

Petrol & diesel as reached the heights.
All we care is liquors.
Bees are forgetting their nest; Every time I type LOL,
And that’s not funny.
Shades are burnt and air conditioners are placed,
What a common sense!
Foreigners fly to click our dirty garbage;
But all we care is fashion and glamour.

Everyone needs everything,
Because this is life and we live only ones,
And that’s what matter to us.
But your just been insane.
Dig into the core extract; gold, diamond, sliver and platinum
And more, later show off with a pose.
What do you, exactly want to live?
When you have it! What will you eat?

Think about it, its not;
Gold, diamond, sliver and platinum.
You need to save.
Which are be taken care.
What is Important shouldn't be forgotten.
And what comes free shouldn't be ignored.
Act today to save your share.

Which part of the world you live in? Is not important!
We all share the same base and that’s what matters.
When I’m enjoying the sun and you’re sleeping with the moon,
Doesn't mean we live in different planet,
We are all the same in neither one nor the other way.
It’s not about what’s yours and mine!
It’s not about your country or mine,
It’s about OUR earth!
The nature we are living in,
And the ground we are standing on.

People won’t change!
No use of fighting over, the money you lost.
Or fighting for the fame you missed,
Nor the name you wished.
Fight for your life; your earth.
The gift of nature you are losing every second.
Forget your ego before it’s too late,
You’re nothing different from ants or elephants.
We are all the same for our mother Earth.

Don’t be happy with her patience.
She is suffering over everything,
Today or tomorrow we need to answer everything.
Just because; she is baring and sparing us every time,
That doesn't mean she is unknown to,
What we are doing to her.
If she is hurt, you will die insane,
One day or today.
So better act now, before it’s too late. 

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Love me Babe ♥

The love song of my heart is what calls you hon,
Singing your name, night and day is what I can’t escape.
High in the sky is a fire work when you kiss,
And my heart goes bliss.
The most adorable name is blinking in my cell.
“hey” when you say, I go "omg" in all the way.
I don’t want to miss your face for even a blink.
Love me or hate me but you will find me every where.
I'm not kidding, all I do is follow you,
But I’m not a lover, I just want to be the one for you.
Is this what they call madness? Because I'm feeling beyond the world for you.
Hey babe,
This is just a trailer for more become my lover.

photo credit

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥