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It happened, what was supposed to happen. Long back then, Where we first lost it all, And  Today it happened just like the way I had imagined, it would. Feelings are blank or black. why I feel so heavy? Sun is rising and setting in horizon . That won’t sound romantic any more, why? Lonesome! But still don’t want to cry, because tears won’t heal. So am I wounded? Or Cheated? You did it first so now I’m ending it.  anyways you have done it, now why blaming me for everything. Love is not a contract, wish you could have understood. Business? May be, But I knew it would happen but when it did, why I feel nothing. And just like that it’s over with nothing but emptiness. ‘Yes! I promise’ was just a word. Just Like I LOVE YOU. If everything is just a word than what is real? ‘I trust you ’saying wont make it happen. Gosh I wish so!! But still what so of daydreaming, When you know your living a nightmare. So much for Love.. but still..!! Whatever, its simply Over. Maybe because fake things wont last forever. Ju…

How broad will you stretch your mind?

Hard it is to fall in love but bad it is to fall I love, the ultimate thing you gone feel in love is pain. There is nothing more but a lot of estrogen and testosterone production in your body and there you happily encounter yourself for nothing but the worst nightmare of your life, tho conscious and subconscious you know it’s wrong yet you strain your body for semi-physical and emotional blackmail about never-happening-fantasy of your not-so-good-love-life.  “Regards of life is always learned when you face end of survival” and “Importance of freedom and self-respect is learned when you fall in love”. It is a beautiful thing to happen but are always read but never said(you see people are not that bad after all they knowing don’t push any one into hell) if you thing I’m been “DE-motivating” then ask the person committed or in relationship, you’ll know what I’m talking about and love is not 100% disaster it’s still the amusingly strange thing in this everything-so-automatic world but it…