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Truth or Dare??

It’s time again to rediscover what was once lost.
You might have buried or burned certain things forever, yet it ill show!
Because time is great player, even if you’re the game.
It’s not the twist and turns you device.
When time asks ‘Truth or dare’? Neither will be your pick.
Yet time will challenge you anyways,
To face the deepest truth and ugly fact of your life.
Maybe it's easy to cry out loud and let go,
But still things need to be answered someday.
Whenever you decide on a new start, a new question is framed.
Unanswered questions stay by hunting you forever.
Time nor the truth, nothing’s going to change,
When you are scared to accept your dark side.

It all begin when you try to hide it, so better stand up,
Simply smile and say ‘I did it’!
If you don’t embrace your false, it’ll take over your world.
“Time” you might have never valued it along,
But it will strike again and second time it will be a war.
So take a deep breath and look at the mirage in the mirror.
You’re not bea…

Forever and always!!

I think about the kiss, which sealed us together.  And I smile over those moment’s, you pamper me. Sweeter than honey and Beautiful like night sky, That's how I remember it all! Life is meaningful around you.
And yes I’m blushing, Because your eye teas my lust for you, And I know you love all this so much.  So am I! Because,  Your smile is where my happiness begins.

Please hug me tight and forever. Because this time is scary! I can’t lose you; I don’t want to lose you.
I want to live years together and treasure our love epic for ages to read. 
Childish is me and innocent is my love,
And you are the love I wished for on shooting star. It’s you and only you. Because I can only Love you, Forever and always; I promise.

PS love is unknown and it gets stranger with time about feelings last forever.

Empty road

I close my eyes and wish on the stars, For you to fall in love with me all over again! But you left me here alone to suffer, And my dreams were to be blamed. But I believed you would stay,  And save me from this loneliness.
But Life takes back everything it shared once And I walk on the lonely road with a broken soul. Life gets hard with guilt’s of yesterday And Pain is harder to bear with broken swears. But Hope is all I seek for in this empty road! And, For that moment of faith to happen again in my life.

Photo credit: Vikram's photography
Model: Maaya PS thanks vikram for letting me use this pic ..!

It's 2014

I started blogging like 3 years from now . And blogging was so much fun back than but now Bcoz of busy schedule I don't get much of a time to post .. Sadly I think I have to start all over again and so much as changed in this 3 years of my blogging .. hope I get to continue the spirt .. That's for my 2013 confession and I'm still having trouble with my adsense account .. May be, I'm doing it all wrong *please help* ... and  wish you a happy and prosperous year happy new year have a blast....!!!