What goes around, comes back around

When I think of the times,
you're the best thing that ever happened.

Everything you ever said, 
Was a million words put into waste.
Every promises you ever made, 
Were a sweet trap bound to hell.
And yet every time I believed in you, 
without fail, you proved me a fool.

All you say is broken apology, 
because you do it all over again.

But now I know,
you're not sorry,you're only sorry you got caught.
you are just a clown with a frown. 
Empty & lost in the drought
Heartless, yet you say you're in love.
I feel so sorry for you right now.

What you hide, won't stay hidden for long
what goes around, comes back around 

Everything you ever put me through, 
every tricks you played, 
everything else that you poisoned,
Everything that I were was,
Is a mistake I fell into, 

I thought you did everything right!
but your intentions can never be forgiven.

But now I'm done.
Done wasting my tear on you
No you ain’t worthy enough.
all you ever were is ignorant.
And now I don't really care 
because I'm over you.

And your love doesn’t really  hurt anymore!
Because honestly, it was just an illusion.

Maybe, with rain you might change.
Maybe, someday you won't be the same.
Maybe, you will be true.
Maybe, you might spark up the world to.
And maybe someday
you would be the man I fell in love.

I always stayed but you let me down.
But you lost something real and picked up the stones.

There will be time to face the fact.
And I'll always be the one who got away..

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