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Voices in my head

There are voices in my head,
Some loud, some dead,
There is a silence in the moment,
And there is a burning scent..
Those voices always rhymes,
Some sings elegy, some sings chime,
A family feeding a dinner on a dime,
And the soul so sour so lime..
There are voices in my head,
Some says beer, some says bread,
A light of a cellphone, a tone of a text,
Fight for  a lost hope , wait for the next..
Those voices points to my eyes,
They ask why it cries,
The world is cold as it seems,
And the heart , loud it screams...
There are voices in my head,
Burying everything, which is not dead,
It consumed me, all over again, I wonder what will wash that dark stain,that pain..

There are voices in my nerves,
To my languid soul, it serves,
Just like a signal from a brain,
It fades away  and drains.
There was a time I saw the hope,
I remembered a magicians rope,
You blink your eye and the trick is done,
So is the life so much undone..
There are voices in my head,
With time they spread,
As a boy i also…