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Its a CLIMB !!

It feels top of the world to sit on a giant wheel but the dizzy spin we get later in the head is life. No matter how much high we go there need to be one nor the other thing to crash a though about future, no matter even if the things are all set and perfect but still there will be a ghost hunting you about tomorrow.
Once a kid asked her granny what is life? The granny grimed and said to hold on tight and buckle up because it’s a ride. Kid speaks in a horror, like that of a roller costar; with ups and downs? Eww!! I hate it and granny, I get sick when it goes down and I feel that I m gone crash. Granny laughed and in a convincing manner said sweetie, ups and downs is the good part of the ride and they add beauty, Example Mountains!  But why, the kid asked for answer. If not there would be no differences in a train and roller costar, you want plain road with no adventure? Granny asked for clarification and the kid shyly shook her head to a clean No. but granny why can’t I stay up and …

Love you Forever..

Dramatically I stood there looking at her go, Further and far from me at her every step! With no courage to look back, she left me with emptiness.What wrong did I do to make her cold? Is all my soul wondered! Waiting impatiently for her to look back at my silence, But now she had gone far out of my hands. And so was I, there was no life felt in me, I stood far from today’s reality and drama. Broken, I looked at those flowers on the ground, And bent to the note in my name ; “You always rest in my heart. But still wish you ever here with me. Miss you so much and I love you forever,” And her tear droplet sparkling on my tomb stone.

PS love is forever tho the person is dead or alive 

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When I was in you !

When I was in you! Though you didn’t know how I looked, u loved me with all your heart. The memory aren’t clear, But I can swear that would have been the most beautiful life, I lived this entire years. The feelings are so mesmerizing! Been a part of you; Cuddled and loved in your lap, Hugs and kisses, wow world so secure at the thought. You knew my desires just unspoken; You were always there for me, no matter how far I stood. The best wish and my lucky charm for real, My walking, talking angel; reborn on the day I was born. I wish to be your baby doll forever mom. You bared and spared me all this years. Thanks for giving me birth and a chance to live a life. You walked hand in hand always and you promise to be there always. The great women I met in my life, means more than my life today, Love you loads maa!!

PS My birthdays are only about my mother and hope coming 19/11 will bring cherry blossom in my life and I wish to make her proud (figure cross)

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In Love with my Curls.

A chat b/w boy and a girl..!
Prathi(girl): why you loved me. Vinay(boy): mmm actually the moment I saw you for first your hair swept me of my feet.
Prathi: with a shy smile, really honey but that's the lamest thing I’ve ever heard. Vinay: your different you’re unique every thing about you attracts me but the first most thing which brought me near you, is your hair.
Prathi: so if I cut or color it what would you do?
Vinay: Ill surly kill you.
Prathi: haha than I wanna die.
Vinay: Forget me…Forget that you ever had some one named ‘vinay’ in your life.
Prathi: grrr that's rude.
Vinay: trust me you look so pretty only because of your hair so don't be stupid :)
Prathi: so I’m pretty :).
Vinay: ones in a new moon you look good and give her a your-so-pretty look and hug her and say; girl with hair like yours should really feel precious its god gift :)
Prathi: idiot smiles and says“so you love my hair more than me??”
Vinay: I just love you loads :)

well this isn't any fiction or imaginary st…

All I Need is You!!

Everyday, smile seems like gold; to wear around you, Singing my favorite song out loud is all I do.  Cant care enough to have you in my life, Nothing can stop my love for you. Your the life,Your my dreams. Singing the song for rest of my life, with you is what I want to do.
Right next to me, is where you belong. Sky seems less in the spear, of my love. There is not even a thing without you, Nothing will ever come between us, It isn't hard to swear, its all you I care.   The world stand aside,When I'm with you.
All I need more is you,  Close enough for me, to feel the summer within you, Where the sunlight is own to sun, as you to me. Life in the world of you, is where I want to live What more can be told!! Look into my eyes and see how much I love you.

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Just Wallpapers


Last night Dream .

Last night dream was so disturbing.
Nothing feels like the way, it supposes to be this morning. Something got me into worry, thinking over the late night story.
The faces, the voice; feels so lost and past! But the smile, the Applaud, the cheer in the air; feels like mine. Was it a lost chapter of my Life or the future I’m suppose to answer. I feel the rush in my vain, an unknown happiness flashes in my name, I run over and over the tape, digging in deep trying to extract the story. Heart to heart talks, hugs and kisses and flower touching the feet; is all I see. Something felt strange, where and what was I doing there, Or was it me addressing the Applaud, I was restive now. Tired mind echoed "it’s just a dream", But I wonder "or the treasure I hold with in". The dream brought some thing new to me, the feeling was something.  A late night dream had a power to change the contrast of my thinking. 

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Pain of Yesterday

The pain of yesterday kills me every day. Crushing hard on my days everywhere, Hard, harder it’s getting to live my life today. Where the pain of yesterday is hard to forget! Days pass by brushing on my memory, But the ghost from the past, hunt me in my dreams.  I forget the face I cried for yesterday, But, don’t know why? I’m unable to let go the pain of yesterday. Today though, I smile with the hearts which made me cry, But why does my heart feels heavy about yesterday. People like people, change but why?  ones a broken heart always have a scarp. Today I smile but deep within,my heart still bleed about yesterday. 

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