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Pain of Yesterday

The pain of yesterday kills me every day. Crushing hard on my days everywhere, Hard, harder it’s getting to live my life today. Where the pain of yesterday is hard to forget! Days pass by brushing on my memory, But the ghost from the past, hunt me in my dreams.  I forget the face I cried for yesterday, But, don’t know why? I’m unable to let go the pain of yesterday. Today though, I smile with the hearts which made me cry, But why does my heart feels heavy about yesterday. People like people, change but why?  ones a broken heart always have a scarp. Today I smile but deep within,my heart still bleed about yesterday. 

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥


Knock knock...
Who is it?? Lovely Lovely!! Who?? Open to find out, by yourself. Surprise *blast*
Thank you so much Gowthami
Well Lovely it is to be honored by a lovely person like you in a lovely way of been a lovely blogger that’s really lovely of you.

First most thanks a ton for this gracious “lovely“Award Gowthami*xoxo* means a lot to me and sorry that I took a while to reply *puppy eye*. So as per as the tag I need to convey 7 facts about me but since I’ve already done a lot of “about me tag” I’m presently blank to ink down more about me, so for a change here is some of my way of been happy, hope it makes you happy to *blush*
 1.Been naughty in your own way when things are up side down make you feel awesome blossom. 2.Ice cream when it rains gives you happy Goose bums.
3.When your heart feels heavy, try pouring it on an empty paper.
4.If you had a fight and the person is the reason you’re sad, make him dance which will make you smile.
5.Till there is battery in your iPod, nothing can make you …