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Last night Dream .

Last night dream was so disturbing.
Nothing feels like the way, it supposes to be this morning. Something got me into worry, thinking over the late night story.
The faces, the voice; feels so lost and past! But the smile, the Applaud, the cheer in the air; feels like mine. Was it a lost chapter of my Life or the future I’m suppose to answer. I feel the rush in my vain, an unknown happiness flashes in my name, I run over and over the tape, digging in deep trying to extract the story. Heart to heart talks, hugs and kisses and flower touching the feet; is all I see. Something felt strange, where and what was I doing there, Or was it me addressing the Applaud, I was restive now. Tired mind echoed "it’s just a dream", But I wonder "or the treasure I hold with in". The dream brought some thing new to me, the feeling was something.  A late night dream had a power to change the contrast of my thinking. 

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥