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Its a CLIMB !!

It feels top of the world to sit on a giant wheel but the dizzy spin we get later in the head is life. No matter how much high we go there need to be one nor the other thing to crash a though about future, no matter even if the things are all set and perfect but still there will be a ghost hunting you about tomorrow.
Once a kid asked her granny what is life? The granny grimed and said to hold on tight and buckle up because it’s a ride. Kid speaks in a horror, like that of a roller costar; with ups and downs? Eww!! I hate it and granny, I get sick when it goes down and I feel that I m gone crash. Granny laughed and in a convincing manner said sweetie, ups and downs is the good part of the ride and they add beauty, Example Mountains!  But why, the kid asked for answer. If not there would be no differences in a train and roller costar, you want plain road with no adventure? Granny asked for clarification and the kid shyly shook her head to a clean No. but granny why can’t I stay up and …