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Around the world; It goes round and round. Blossoming the drought, Tanning the sand, And the instinct of moon brings dreams. Letting out the peace. But I sit and smile!!
The world is losing its moisture, And the earth’s blood is contaminated, The world is getting dried and tanned. Green is cut down every where, And it’s showering acid. Animals are persevered in zoo. Everything is list under endangered, And I simply sit and talk about global warming.

Petrol & diesel as reached the heights. All we care is liquors. Bees are forgetting their nest; Every time I type LOL, And that’s not funny. Shades are burnt and air conditioners are placed, What a common sense! Foreigners fly to click our dirty garbage; But all we care is fashion and glamour.
Everyone needs everything, Because this is life and we live only ones, And that’s what matter to us. But your just been insane. Dig into the core extract; gold, diamond, sliver and platinum And more, later show off with a pose. What do you, exac…

Love me Babe ♥

The love song of my heart is what calls you hon, Singing your name, night and day is what I can’t escape. High in the sky is a fire work when you kiss, And my heart goes bliss. The most adorable name is blinking in my cell. “hey” when you say, I go "omg" in all the way. I don’t want to miss your face for even a blink. Love me or hate me but you will find me every where.
I'm not kidding, all I do is follow you, But I’m not a lover, I just want to be the one for you. Is this what they call madness? Because I'm feeling beyond the world for you. Hey babe,
This is just a trailer for more become my lover.

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥