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Drama of Life !

Peace of mind, where scribbling feels right. Inking down the darkness resembles my life. Where all I do is look for light, Drama is what I live in, Today, tomorrow, yesterday all are my ghost from last night, Don't know where my future lays. Passing the ball, playing the game is not my life. Happiness flows like tears. Why it can't change, when I want to change everything. Stone is harder but still get smashed, Why doesn't my heart understand this is life. Laughing in joy, when it is fake! Crying in vain, when it's fate! Why can't I understand this is life.

PS I do'nt know how good is my post but i really wanted to high light the image. the photographer is one of my Facebook friend Swaroop M Koushik .so do ink down what you feel :).
*Thanks Swaroop for letting me use this image*

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Today !!

I don’t feel like doing any thing, today. It’s because your far there from me, today. But still it’s not enough for my love to fade away from you, today. I can’t think of any thing sweet than your smile to load up, today. It feels bliss to see how far we walked hand in hand, today. When I think about yesterday, O my!Those silly talks, unbearable pain, countless fights, stupid arguments and finally here we are, today. My words might, not be doing its magic, today. But my heart’s bombarding with loads and lots of love for you, today. It might be Valentine’s Day, today. But my love for you is like always and everyday

From the day till Today

You’re twinkling like a star in my heart and I wonder how far you are. The spear of this galaxy in your love is killing me, so hard! Happy for what happened I smiled thinking about that moment. But all I can blame now is why it had to happen. From the day till today it has changed everything. Memory's play an evil role everyday. When ever I think of you, I end up crying, Missing those moments, has become an hobby , But all I wonder now is what went wrong.

People say love is a magic, it happen ones and last forever. And they finally call it a love story, But why our story had to end in b/w no where. I had never thought; the other side of love could be as horror as death. And today when I’m standing here with out you; All I can think about is the day we kissed, I wish those days back, I wish you back. Missing you from the day till today.

PS thanks joshi daniel for letting me use this image :).

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A rose to say..

Pamper me from my mistakes. Hug me when I’m angry. Talk to me when I’m sad. Hold my hands when I need you. And kiss me when I say I miss you.
Never ever hate me, for my mistakes. Don’t be irritated, when I’m angry. Don’t ignore me, when I’m sad. Don’t leave me, when I need you. And slap me, when I say I hate you. Because, only I know how much I admire you.
And Finally 

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