Tuesday, March 06, 2012

With a kisS....

Our senses blossomed as we hugged.
Your strong body melting in my desire,
Closer look on you; I grab yours chubby cheeks and pinch them into tomato red.
You cry out in pain; I laughing as you cover yours face like a kid.
You peek to see me laugh and there I know what your up to next.
I try to escape from your sight before that; I get to taste your sweet cherry lips.
Heaven it felt the way you held me.
Locked up in your arm; that feels so much right!
And then there you cheat by opening yours eyes.
You held my face and kissed on my eye.
I blush and struggle in your soft hold and you tease me more tickling me into laughter.
I surrendered with a smile and you hugged me tight looking deep in my eyes.
Childishly we embrace in that worthy moment, cherishing our souls.
I rest my head on your chest hearing to the melody of our love.
I look up your glowing face; speechless,
And with out any pause we kissed.
Just as I felt the fireworks in the sky, I lean towards you lifting my heels high.
Tingled in my heart when you smiled on my lips and I got tangled in love ones again with a kiss.

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥