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Lets Dance !!

I walk into the light in middle of the floor and observe the darkness all around. I hold on to my ground and hope for the big, the big thing to happen and make my dream come true. ecstasy in my excitement, as the crowd goes loud, I groove and move to the beat of my heart. Every day in high sky when I look, I see myself. Singing the song yeah the happy song of my life. It feels great with all my mates shouting and laughing Well it isn't hard to tell, that’s the way we all want. So just Catch the beat and add stereo and dance Dance like everyone around you is blind. Come on you need not be so shy! It’s not everyday you get to live your dreams high Make it happen and make yourself beautiful. Now will you please get out Like just get it out and live your life high. What else can be more beautiful ?than living your dream ones a life time. you know what? it also heals the pain of your heart. so trust your heart and you'll always be happy.

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥