Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back to college..

 Shifted into total bliss, just by those memories!
It act as a essential vitamin to enrich us from bore,
Selfishness might be the extend you can touch
But you’ll never extinct the always-true-reality.
Strange is when those memories blossom to hope,
Every time you smile at those old odd buildings, you know what you miss more!
May be it was future, all you thought about than
But today you just can’t stand the thought of apart any more.

Complicated is the way teenage was,
But all treat was because of friends.
Stepping into those hunted walls all you can sense is their importance in life.
Just like old times you see their mirage waving a smile in corridor
And you walk into that vintage room;
where your life changed into Technicolor drama
You blush imagining your first crush presence in the last row,
As you sense the charm of first love;

Tears roll down from corner of your eyes over those mesmerizing days.
You reach to those wooden benches, then you hated
The moment it touches you, memories go alive regaining its lost color,
and enlightening your senses!
You pick the broken chalk piece and throw it in the thought of those chalk fights, you enjoyed!
Once again you sit there warmth and innocent like a bud
and there you feel it all in your vain;Eager to blossom and fly
Once-thought-hell longs to be your lost paradise
You warp it all tight, hugging and kissing the bundle, you drop it deep down your heart
Smile brightens your lost confidences and life runs into you,
with happiness and excitement you walk out with reunion plans.

my college

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mistake of Love..

All she wanted was to feel her soul which was shouting for mercy, a ray of hope and lot of courage but the truth laid by her side which was hard to buy at that moment of time, all she could concentrate and believe was in her fantasy, Romance with her dreams was all about to end in few seconds but she managed to pick up the pleasures out of that nightmare. She asked to herself ones and for all time sake, closing her eyes she went back in time.
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Looking deep into those sparkling eyes, that laughter of bliss, and everything made her sense him ones again she cuddled him in love with a joy of having him in her arms and they looked adorable together, playing, giggling and hugging each other so tight, never willing to let go. she breaks the silences in her husky voice “baby I want to remember this day like the day of new being and the sweet sin we just committed to be pure” and she shyly smile playing with her cloths and continue “and I want it to be just with you forever and always, will you promise me that sweet heart" she looks deep into those wondering eyes for an yes but he simply fade away from her sight. Tears rolling down her cheeks as she wake up in a horror, she look all around her room and try to comfort into reality by splashing water on her face she convince herself that it was just a nightmare and it’s over now and try to control her tears but she fall apart and starts screaming and hurting herself in disgust. The nurses run into the room and go numb at the sight of blood splashed all over the white bedspread the lady bandage her bleeding wrist and immediately drug her to sleep. Before falling asleep she note that no matter what she can’t die in peace until and unless she get to know the exact reason for what he betrayed her trust and love. She weep in silents” I might have forgiven you for breaking my heart but why you had to share our love with the world, every time I deiced to get over you, I know people are seeing me naked with you”

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The touch and feel of someone disturb her to reality, she open her eye looking at a gorgeous face and angel figure but all it said was “she is fine, continue her prescription” and for her disappointment it was a routine doctor. She sits up on bed collecting back her thoughts and look at her tired mother and smile to her and reach her arms for a hug, she hold her tight and say “why do you hurt yourself my dear? Do you think by hurting yourself your past will change? No my darling, please stop hurting us like this, don’t you know how much we love you? And she hug her mom tight and say “I know mom, I’m fine don’t worry”

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥