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song of the week

Katie sky- sweet sweet melody

P.S just saying (someone)

There are many peoples whom you call own yet they distract and hurt you always but someone very much unknown can make you smile and be your “one in the million” and your reason to smile. Unknowingly or knowing we are someone’s reason to, We might not notice this in our buys life but we might mean world to someone really unknown to us. In times of difficulties they show up and help. Someone far out of reach and notice there is someone always thinking of us and watching us. Their thoughts can light you up and clear your mind and make you feel very much confident and alive sometimes in a strange way. Just think about it when someone means so much for you and you can do anything to make them smile and they don’t know that even you exist. Like wise some where in the corner of this world even you'll be someone’s someone. So always be smiling and happy your smile might bright up someone’s day. These might feel filmy but trust me you’ll believe it ones you feel it.

P.S just saying (new life)

In this life journey I always got lost in important turning point of my life and I always stayed distracted. The feeling of nobody killed me. Had nothing in life everything was passing clouds and time been attraction .I never had any thing to relate myself and I really hated that feeling of been nothing. I was just below average girl always shy, scared and lack of confidence, a totally loser in word. I all most tried every kind of a things to relate myself but nothing last long, just name it and yes I had a time of my life trying to fit in. was a totally dumb it feels crazy the way I was but today I know I’m something beyond average. Only bcoz I learnt through my mistakes and my stupidity.

• Sitting in house while all my friends were in college.

• getting backstabbed by my very own,

• Doing all the crazy and messy things just for fun.

• Getting education with people way younger.

• Relationship and commitments in young age.

Many more things which can't be mentioned, I was a bitch …

P.S just saying (hello)

Me: hey , hello ! How you doing ? Quit a while , sorry got busy couldn't return your calls , ssup ?

Him: its okay re I understand and im fine, how you, all good with you kya?

Me: I'm pretty know how it happens with me.nothing much but to many things to talk with you , missed you real much.

Him: I'm all ears.

(I start with my whole week thing and he patiently listen.after a long senseless talk and hearty laugh)

Him: I'm so happy not for anything, its been like a week I spoked to someone or someone called up and asked how I'm doing, its just strange but I'm really glad you called.

wired! I was actually low and lonely myself and felt like talking to someone , someone who would understand me with out my explanation. That someone who know me better than myself and someone who would understand everything with my single hello. Every time when I feel above,that someone with out fail succeed in brightening up my face. just a hey, hello ! Is more than enough for my s…


Okay its been like ages I posted some sense pardon me for that.I was distracted, got lazy blah blahs.. So finally I'm blogging and back on track :) and im extremely sorry for not been such a good follower either thats bcoz my lappi is in coma and here on ill be posting through my cell so kindly bare and spare my broken language and I'm trying my best not to encounter the grammar *fingers crossed* but whatever I do , you please correct me and bare me , TY .opss my bad !

Happy friendship day y'all all xoxo


Falling in love happen just like that,so easily but why it is so hard to move on? falling in love is like suicide attempt, you won't live nor you die. You hang yourself between hell and heaven..

When it happens you feel on top of the universe but when the same trust go down ,your pushed from cloud9 you'll fall but you won't die and yet you can't live. When you suffer and finally survive you will fail to recognize yourself ..time will heal but everything changes with time ,ones lost can never be regained. Aftr days will again get set for another suicidal mission..why love is so crazy fun and yet critical?

P.S I'm blogging through cell so kindly bare any mistakes and sorry for wired post just feeling random :)

Rain & Love

Tangled with mixed feelings she sat there staring out side the window. the silence of rain was so intense that her heart pounded to the pitter patter of rain. she closed her eyes trying to get back into the face, that Innocent but yet soul pricking , sparking bright eyes and those cute but scared face, loyally wagging little tail. She smiled thinking how it ate all her biscuits this morning and the way it played with her shoelace but she scared its safety for tonight. the guilt filed her emotions, the fear of losing it was killing her; she desperately wanted to run back and warp it in her arms and protect that innocence forever. She hoped and prayed for its safety from the rain and swear to god no matter what happens tomorrow she will for sure bring the puppy along with her and shelter, love and care it forever but the only fear was its safety from rain and her mother reaction for her decision. 

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥