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Fallen in love

I smile thinking over the first time I looked at you.
It tingles the way you looked back at me.
And those cold stare reminds me of new born,
There, my heart was loud for the first time.
Oh please just tell me this secret of yours.
I’m losing myself every time I gaze at your eyes,
It feels like drugs, and I’m high like sky.
With you every moment, my heart is starving for more,
And I can’t wait but to fall in love with you .

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about new blog/daily blog

Hi, After days of search I finally came up with a name for my daily blog with all help from my sweet hearts *mwahhh* there was quite an option actually and was really confusing. Well ill list those names below check it out and let me know which one sounds more “me”. It’s just that I’m struck with “P.S just saying” and “simple yet complicated”  so let me know what you think okays. I so badly wanted to do the blog on 12/12/12 *sad face* curse that system Walla uncle who delayed in fixing my PC and that’s a reason was not blogging for days now and day before yesterday got my PC so here I’m blabbering clueless so that’s it guess I’ll start on with my new/daily blog from 2013 or if I live *lol* than surly 21/12/2012 would be the date  *finger cross* .
Here are the names for my blog, SIMPLE yet COMPLICATED.P.S just sayingSimply being human.And??Daily blossom.Heights of exaggeration.Comment your pick thank you :-)

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song of the week (red)

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