Sunday, January 20, 2013

Simple thoughts #1

Sometimes the feeling is true 
but it needs lot more than just someone to love you.
when you hate everything just remember one thing,
There is no respect for happiness if you don't know sorrow.
So to enjoy, you some times need to cry and its the way of life .
never blame on anyone,when something is on you.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Live like No otherday

 As the music go loud.
We want to dance and live like no other day.
Forget all right’s and wrong’s.
Chuck “Awkward & awful “, be yourself.
 Life is worth a chance neither way.
So Smile because your still alive.
And whatever it was;
Now is the time to get over it,
It doesn't matter more than your happiness,
Nothing really matters; it’s just you.
So kill it, before it kills you!
But, don’t be the criminal of your own story.
And don’t be insane to hide it; when you can live it,
Forget people, you’re in this alone.
So what? Let them talk, your too pretty to ignore.
So smile.
Love and life will come along you just play along.
So do all the things you care;
There is no other day like today.

It’s time to snore but you simply can’t close your eyes and stop your crazy mind jiggles for even a sec. You have this things going on in your head about what to do and all other crap and you carefully judge over your choice and speared out your option but you hide those entire thing your heart ache for. And simply you plug in to music loud and dream the glory of what all amassing you life can be.

Well that’s the side we all have hided in our closet.  Thinking no one might except us for what we really are and we tend to wear this mask of what everyone wanna see and simply fade out in their eyes but ones in a while you simply can’t do the same old and catch that good night sleep and say it’s gonna be okay baby it’s just another day of pain in butt and dream so hard to be simply you in real.

Why this confusion on everything, why we feel left out? Why we feel the need to fit in every time? It’s dumb how sometime we react on silly stuff and make it worst of complicated. It’s Life! Its suppose to be one time thing right? So why corrupt or mind with right and wrong of someone else rule book! Dam this is my life, I really don’t think streaking your hair is slutty or a tattoo is evil! No please I’m not gonna be some else diary because I've my own limited edition coming soon.
They tag quitter every time I want to do something new. Hey FYI I’m a learner not quitter. While you stick your butt to one thing, I just go multi-tasting and it’s not moderate that I’m supposed to be same as you! There are things we crawl to do but before we can even have our time, they have an example already set on our name, I mean why? Why people go scratching about others, when they already have small pox.I mean it is fun to bitch and brag with your folks in get-to-gathers and stuff sometimes but that doesn't mean you have to take it up as occupation or hobby.Live in peace and let live in peace, please.
Well just forget people and take care because it’s your life so stop trying to be different and fit in or anything, simply just be yourself.

PS this is nothing personal its just rational thinking, thank you. & PHOTO CREDIT 

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Sunday, January 06, 2013

heya 2013! goodbye 2012.

Hey y’all this post was suppose to be done early like new year thing but I didn’t put much thoughts into making a post about 2012 and wishing good in 2013 and resolution and all blah blah. After visiting my fellow bloggers I follow I really got inspired to do this post. Skipping into the highlights of 2012 .

Year was amazingly amusing and a biggest prank cracked by Mayan’s. I hardly remember most of my 2012 the beginning was excited as today so nothing really that different. In words I can put it as; I am growing old that’s it burrhhh. Yet certain things like I suddenly discovered brand new things about me.

• The sporty side of me and my strength in badminton and now I’m actually practicing with university team (I use to be a galli badminton player look at me now “yaaay me” )

• I changed my subject (I’m really becoming nothing but total waste of time)

• I offended many people and lost many friends last year bcoz of my exclusive?? Annoying Attitude!! (I can say that)

• And I did my masters in philosophy and I might turn into a therapist in future or a saint (actually so much life learnt the whole year “ simply so dramatic”)

• I dropped my dance class but I’m still a closet dancer.

• Mmm the thing of 2012 lol okay I actually thought I had chance in modeling (which I did and do but all thanks to certain people who made it end as a nightmare so close chapter) 

• Finally I have put on weight (don’t you dare call me skinny)

• I’m so educated myself in this LOVE thing people call me a love guru burrhhaahaha (it’s just own experience talk I’m not any gyani)

Friendship , love ,boyfriend, fun , beauty, friends, cell phone, facebook , parties, booze, hookah, romance, philosophy, hangouts, god and time everything is way expensive and comes with life time tax, it’s really too much to maintain (I officially got exploited)

• Super doper lazy is sexy!

• The whole 2012 my room was super messy and dirty with cloths/ shoe/ books/ everything thrown everywhere (
For record it was cleaned on last day of 2012 and that's what kept me busy this new year burrhh) 

• That’s my exclusive dramatic brat year (2012 thanks for everything and nothing).

• In love with mine craft 

Looking forward for bit normal, more stable and way healthy and bit entertaining and a sporty year for that I have made and making strong decisions, certain changes /resolutions (first joke of every year)

• No more love and friendship shit ( I no more have time nor energy for that I've learnt my lesson, here on only professionalism )

• Concentrate more on badminton ( I have to reach nationals this year at all cost)

• Blog more, read more, study properly, and eat healthy, workout lot.

• Maintain a schedule and healthy attitude is all I wanna balance.

Hell was brought down last year so much mirchi and cold hearted arrogance. I literally caught certain phobia

• Androphobia – fear of men (with all due respect)

• Philophobia – fear of love (boom highlight)

• Telephone phobia – fear or reluctance of making or taking phone calls
(I just hate cell phone please don’t nag me to answer call and reply all the texts, I’m no more into cell phone) 

Thank god it’s finally over and I’m finally over everything what ever happened so that’s my year I have grown through my mistakes and learnt my lesson ,today I’m someone with lot of things and I’m proud about it so I don’t care what people gotta say or what they think (mind your own business bitch) and loads of thanks for every single person who interacted the whole year (you’re my god).today I don’t put much thoughts on any thing and I have my reasons for that and I really love my happy darling
( he is the only good thing ever happened to me)

PS happy new year and all the very best 

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥


When you hit the bottom there is no way but up.
I believed in dreams which were far from reality.
Every possible step to heaven leads me close to hell,
Everything I knew was just an illusion.
Happiness fade into the clouded sky;
Cold rain with sour and bitterness in every drop is all I have.

My heart as gone silent and my mind is to loud to understand.
Peace of mind seems like a mad man puzzle.
Running away seems easy
But cowardice is not my way of living.
However what should be done?
Face it or fight against it?

Why life is so unfair?
When you believe its forever, it breaks apart in middle of nowhere.
Every apple you pick can be poisoned.
Pain is possible to bare
but the loud noise created along is hard to avoid.
The disturbance created by own greed; kills everything you own slowly.

Every day I wake up as a criminal,
Killing me; is my crime.
Innocence as gone silent;
And silence is as hard as blindness,
Living a life of stranger in this darkness!
Can’t hope but wait for light.

Longing for the lost innocence I pray in peace.
What else can possibly happen in an over crowed life;
If not end of innocence!
And I live with a hope of today and tomorrow,
Which is forever.
Because its my life and my story.

 photo credit

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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy B'day 2013

Happy walla New Year people hope this year does all good and shower great things on all of you and may all your dreams come true and all the bliss be yours.

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥