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Love like no Other..

Today is the day you promised to be with me forever and always, but you deployed. every night I close my eyes in a hope to catch a glimpse of you. I sleep tight hugging your picture, in your love warm and cousy. You were the meaning to my life. As beautiful and colorful as rainbow you made me feel alive. Without you it is hard to survive, And hope is all I hold in your name.
Last night you were glowing like bride in my dream, And I could feel you so close but that wasn't enough for my soul. The joy of hugging you is just what I wished for the most. Trust me I had given up, I never wanted to live a meaning less life with out, but you gave me a reasons to live. You had your responsibilities but now I have yours. I'm proud to be your widower but the pain of losing you as weaken me, And memories are torn to walk on alone.
But I live to treasure our love forever and to watch it blossom into a flower. She got your eyes, always warm and welcoming. She makes me laugh and forget the p…

You're not ugly,society is.

A day is considered complete when you learn something, anything and when it was worth the time you spared for it. Geez I sound like a hypocrite, well that is how My Day went. Full on talking, learning and boring! It gives you that 80 year old granny’s kind of a sense. When you hear people giving lecture regarding all those crap about life, moral, good and bad “burrrhh headache”! Hey in my defense “everything is right and everything is wrong, until and unless you discover what is good enough for you” right?? Well then here is the thing a widow with a 2 year kid old gets married. And that rate as insane for our so called society thing. Let me tell you its life for that lady and above all she is a human so for all those sick animals be a human first to judge a human. It’s just something out of so many things I witnessed today. Why do people judge as if like they own our life seriously for those control freaks please get a life.

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She was married 2 year back to this guy and th…

Great start day#2

Simple thoughts#2
Lovable persons are like Injections..
they may sometimes give you pain
but the intention is always to cure your problems..(Lovely forward from friend) 

*100* and goes on

Song of the day: krewella-Alive

heheheheeeee......  ***Finally I reached 100*geez weird..!***  Hey guys cheer me this is my one zero zero post. After long 2 years of total bullshit I reached 100 and to confess I’m not such a good blogger or a follower (covering my face) but hey I managed 100. And sorry blogging wasn't my thing lately actually nothing was mmm (puzzle face).oh and my rhyming as gone disaster + I've lost my senses lately so I've mmm no actually had decided to just stick on to simply speaking to you, kind of blogging, hey its fun right?..!but its special 100 so(happy dance).. mmm so for update I had a worst start for 2013, I had my appendix removed so I’m in complete rest and lagging in my room whole day burrhhh..2weeks now and ill be better and jumping around soon mmm. And I felt to re-do my blog and which idk , you tell me what you think of this new look (disaster??) comment belovee plzzz.. !! hey and  Im gonna do a tag... Blog tags were quit a tread than mmm!…