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It HaPPens (the story untold)

She was an amateur. Crazy like hell, wild like red and perfect just like that. She got every thing she asked for and had nothing to miss. Love and care, flowed like chocolate and strawberry in her name! There wasn't a thing she thought it wasn't hers. Talking trash with girl friends and stalking the guys just like that, and showing off was her life so far. How embraced this pretty girl was? Innocent yet she had everything to be proud about. Shouting out loud in class was not a offense for her, She was miss crowned every where and every day. she lived her fantasy in reality! What she missed was a wonder to the world. Pretty like that, high like sky, And a stunning beauty, With a sparkle in her eyes and glitters in her smile. She was your fairly tale. Guys dream to take her on a date but she was out of every ones average. but things happen and rest follow the guilt. In that crowded life what made her stop and why she stopped? is mystery . she had lost something of her's whi…

six word saturday #1


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