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Health is wealth, so keep smiling !!

I never really saw any blood on apple but it started because of sugarcane, I saw my sweet tooth shedding blood..!!

I had been to a village with my mom to visit her far relatives; it was like a festival on our arrival. Yummiest food, veggie, farm style dining it was like carnival for my stomach.I had varieties of food tempting me 24/7 and my mouth and hand were always caught in action. 
One morning I had been to sugarcane farm with my cousin and farm to me was only in farm villa the real beauty was way more tempting and there my cousin offered me some sweetest sugarcane I would ever have in my life” sweetness in its best form”, of course I was delighted but it all faded away with a joke of that farm owner...

He shouted to my cousin from distance; “city kids are not healthy for village life style.Take home some more of sugarcane and cut it nicely and serve her or else she might loss all her teeth and look like grandma” and they literally started to laugh at me. That wasn't fascina…