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Quotes #8


Peace. .

He said with a smile to forgive him and never to stop loving him.In search of lost dreams.
His journey was set on far hopes of reality.
He waved a goodbye
with sparkling eyes filled with life,
when I skipped a tear,
he smiled and said
he is going to be young again..
But his smile faded
as he knew it was time ..
He simply kissed my hand and said
"never love your life any less"
he didn't look back,his steps were firm.
he knew where he was heading..
He walked the liberty walk of his life in peace.
And all he asked was love and forgiveness..
And I know it hurts but I Smile.
Bcoz he thought me smile is easy
and simple yet powerful.
He is smile upon on me.
but he will RIP in my heart with all the pride and respect...

P'S go live some life with the oldies in your life before its to late..They are everything you gonna ever let them know you love them real much.

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Moon enchants your dreams, while sun shine your way from dreamer to a achiever..!