Sunday, December 06, 2015

Walk a Liberty walk.

Believe hard; hold the wait.
Don’t let your hopes fade.
Swap away the sadness
because Happiness is not a wait.

Let the sun shine
and darkness rest.
Breach the boundaries
because life is a quest.

Ocean is full of waves
surf up with grace.
Let your soul escape
don’t scrape into a shape.

Unleash the wild you
don’t let the time tame you.
Life is like an hour glass; 
Walk a Liberty walk.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

What goes around, comes back around

When I think of the times,
you're the best thing that ever happened.

Everything you ever said, 
Was a million words put into waste.
Every promises you ever made, 
Were a sweet trap bound to hell.
And yet every time I believed in you, 
without fail, you proved me a fool.

All you say is broken apology, 
because you do it all over again.

But now I know,
you're not sorry,you're only sorry you got caught.
you are just a clown with a frown. 
Empty & lost in the drought
Heartless, yet you say you're in love.
I feel so sorry for you right now.

What you hide, won't stay hidden for long
what goes around, comes back around 

Everything you ever put me through, 
every tricks you played, 
everything else that you poisoned,
Everything that I were was,
Is a mistake I fell into, 

I thought you did everything right!
but your intentions can never be forgiven.

But now I'm done.
Done wasting my tear on you
No you ain’t worthy enough.
all you ever were is ignorant.
And now I don't really care 
because I'm over you.

And your love doesn’t really  hurt anymore!
Because honestly, it was just an illusion.

Maybe, with rain you might change.
Maybe, someday you won't be the same.
Maybe, you will be true.
Maybe, you might spark up the world to.
And maybe someday
you would be the man I fell in love.

I always stayed but you let me down.
But you lost something real and picked up the stones.

There will be time to face the fact.
And I'll always be the one who got away..

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Breathe in, breathe out..

Everything that triggers you..
The million words that hurt
The reality of the time 
The every missing pieces 
The thousand broken promises 
The elaborated love hoax
The forgotten prayers 
The whispers in the nights
The polluted memories
The truth you questioned 
The lies you believed
The self salvation
The burning house of cards 

The wild dreams 
The heartaches 
The pain of scars 
The hurt of heal 
The hateful love 
The second chances
The masked shadows
The double standards
The fake apologies 
The last kiss
The end of nothing 
The regret of everything

The realization of an illusion
The never ending wait 
The cursed nightmares
The beauty turned ugly
The woken alter ego
The undone tattoos
The unheard agony 
The undead lament
The toxic hopes
The loud silence 
The laugh of evil
The haunted life

When you close your eyes
but just yet 
Breath in ,breath out 

 The moment is Beautiful when,
You felt like confetti.
You lived life on the edge
You decided not to worry life away 
You changed with chance
You redeemed yourself 
You built it on concrete 
You restored the lost pieces
You were not sorry any more
You paused the clock 
You felt peaceful

You reached for truth 
You learnt to distinct illusion
You were done with lies
You looked for clarity 
You let go. 
You stayed in love
You understood forgiveness 
You rejuvenated.
You came home
You knew family is happiness

You hugged yourself 
You felt privileged 
You dream Big
You believed in good 
You prayed with faith 
You were unstoppable 
You grew independent 
You followed your heart
You let it shine 
You were reborn.

Let the life run in to you slowly 
Breath in ,breath out...

"Life is a legged 
And it is not about what you were,
But it is all about what you will Be."


PS sorry about the grammatical mistakes was a draft post please don't mind :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

It's beautiful now

Breath away yet mysterious.

I Smile faintly at unknown,

And Strange Ecstasy in unknown.

Im Bound to unknown,

Yet captious at unknown.

This heaviness is mysterious,

And the Reasons are unknown 

I might not know

But it's beautiful


I know,

Love is mysterious.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Silent Privileges..

Every tear as it's reason
And every pain doesn't scar.
Guilt is a subconscious whiplash
But regret is rehab.
Agony is real
But Ecstasy is an escape.
Don't Reason love
Bcoz Heartache is antique.
Lost soul, broke hope!Is as worst as self-pity.
sedate your emotions!
Bcoz Being yourself is a privilege.
Be the Technicolour!
But not a chaos.
Never challenge the reality,
Bcoz it can rebound.
If your not strong enough,
Don't abandon your dreams.
Bcoz pain might be ideal choice
But suffering is optional.
Edge your feelings!
And don't crumble.
Dread is outrageous
Yet again never fear!