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Breathe in, breathe out..

Everything that triggers you.. The million words that hurt The reality of the time  The every missing pieces  The thousand broken promises  The elaborated love hoax The forgotten prayers  The whispers in the nights The polluted memories The truth you questioned  The lies you believed The self salvation The burning house of cards 

The wild dreams  The heartaches  The pain of scars  The hurt of heal  The hateful love  The second chances The masked shadows The double standards The fake apologies  The last kiss The end of nothing  The regret of everything

The realization of an illusion The never ending wait  The cursed nightmares The beauty turned ugly
The woken alter ego The undone tattoos The unheard agony  The undead lament The toxic hopes The loud silence  The laugh of evil The haunted life

When you close your eyes but just yet  Breath in ,breath out  because 

 The moment is Beautiful when, You felt like confetti. You lived life on the edge You decided not to worry life away  You changed…