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Voices in my head

There are voices in my head,
Some loud, some dead,
There is a silence in the moment,
And there is a burning scent..
Those voices always rhymes,
Some sings elegy, some sings chime,
A family feeding a dinner on a dime,
And the soul so sour so lime..
There are voices in my head,
Some says beer, some says bread,
A light of a cellphone, a tone of a text,
Fight for  a lost hope , wait for the next..
Those voices points to my eyes,
They ask why it cries,
The world is cold as it seems,
And the heart , loud it screams...
There are voices in my head,
Burying everything, which is not dead,
It consumed me, all over again, I wonder what will wash that dark stain,that pain..

There are voices in my nerves,
To my languid soul, it serves,
Just like a signal from a brain,
It fades away  and drains.
There was a time I saw the hope,
I remembered a magicians rope,
You blink your eye and the trick is done,
So is the life so much undone..
There are voices in my head,
With time they spread,
As a boy i also…

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Walking in the shadow

She smile while I cry
She want to rave-up but I just want to hide She makes it look easy but I take the load She hugs me tight but it's never alright She fake it all and I go with the flow She is me but who am I?
I see her woe but it is okay I don’t tackle because it is life If I let her stumble, she will learn to stand I'm strong because she is naive If I’m the lyrics, she is the song I'm her shadow, not her reflection 
we are two shades of light but we always walk together.