Thursday, March 02, 2017

Story of every Damaged Girl .

Why hate is so strong than love??
I was with him for half a decade , his love was never as convenient and real but his hatred is what resonat till date... Is it because he truly hated me than he ever loved ?? why can't I remember his love but can sense every bit of hate? Can pain overlap happiness??
When he Cheated on me, when he Bullied Me, when he called me a witch, when he slept with her and yet unsatisfied he tried to destroy me more.. Everything that he ever did was in the name of hate and to feed his ego but its funny because in the beginning it was all about love and happiness but in the end it was about making me miserable..

We have come a long way from where we began and I left in pain and bitterness. I know the love I adored is conjured and it will never reach the surface again but still its painful to even think we were ever In love. The only thing that dominates now is his hate and where his presence make my inner demons feel inferior. Even tho he is long gone, the memories haunt me everyday and taunt me in the end for falling in love with the monster..
"The only thing that remained of our love story is our Hate story."