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 I'm Prathima Gangadhar and this is my blog. 

" Being innovate is my hobby,( if that count in the list of hobbies) and I try to get smarter in all ways because knowledge is my ultimate goal (just saying).. I am not cool and fancy; I lead a simple and perfect life. when I am sad I just keep scribbling and when I am happy;I still scribble but when I’m frustrated I dig into my favorite chocolate ice cream*yumand scribble more so in short i love to write and I also like to speak a lot on irrelevant and relevant topics some times in sense and some time total nonsense.(eee) but i have this passion for writing and poetry ..and that love is my life.
my friends are the best of the worst and they are also the reason I got into blogging, so there it ends my sweet and short description.so just being adventures with blogger :) join me because mostly its a reader comment which help me get better and inspire me for most thank you in advance and love you xoxo.. and scroll down to catch me in action ...

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