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In the end, an amateur hoping to find her ways, set on a journey to conquer self.
Under the spotlight of Technicolor as life flashed vividly she thrive, stubble, loved and lived brightly, as hues of the sun changed. when the colors were washed into greys and as the contrast of her wrong and right settled in,
she got tangled in between fantasy and reality. Even tho she was shattered and haunted but her will was strong and alive, she started fresh from the
last page because every ending is a New Beginning.

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I Kissed a Frog !!

This Valentine’s Day I feel appreciated, loved and alive seriously tho for a girl, love is a major priority and we can all blame Disney and chick flick on that. If it weren't for Disney a prince would have never saved the girl in the ending but its a mood swinger when PMS'ing, Even an animated character look totally kissable.... we forget everything just by that thought of being loved like a princess, Even if it is a cartoon, still heart wants what it wants. Isn’t it the same way around for guys?? It takes a struggle to find his Fair maiden, from the beginning till the end. And YES! the chase for love is an oldie in books. If you get fortunate and find the prince charming or cinderella your lucky in love. For few, they have to take chances and risk to find the shell which holds the real pearl inside it.. So if you’re lucky, you are just lucky but for some, this process is a more like a disappointment because that's what they get in the end..  So love is pure luck?? Absolut…

Into the horizon

I walked to the shore and waited till sun sustained into the horizon
imprinting every shade of gold that illuminated in the evening sky I stood on the edge, when the sun immersed in between sky and sea. wishing on the green flash to retain the lost essence of my life.
My heart had desired for love but resonated around despair and it drained the strength to outrun the darkness But my thoughts were never at rest, until I decided to let go I took a step away and did not look back.
Heedful of elsewhere, the diversion set me free the footprints on the sand were washed away, with no laments And when I looked back, I watched the most beautiful sunset of my life. There my pain settled to stay golden but rest in darkness.

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Voices in my head

There are voices in my head,
Some loud, some dead,
There is a silence in the moment,
And there is a burning scent..
Those voices always rhymes,
Some sings elegy, some sings chime,
A family feeding a dinner on a dime,
And the soul so sour so lime..
There are voices in my head,
Some says beer, some says bread,
A light of a cellphone, a tone of a text,
Fight for  a lost hope , wait for the next..
Those voices points to my eyes,
They ask why it cries,
The world is cold as it seems,
And the heart , loud it screams...
There are voices in my head,
Burying everything, which is not dead,
It consumed me, all over again, I wonder what will wash that dark stain,that pain..

There are voices in my nerves,
To my languid soul, it serves,
Just like a signal from a brain,
It fades away  and drains.
There was a time I saw the hope,
I remembered a magicians rope,
You blink your eye and the trick is done,
So is the life so much undone..
There are voices in my head,
With time they spread,
As a boy i also…

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