Sunday, March 27, 2011

Path finder (Broken leg -The story #4 )

As you all read i was tagged as a path finder. hilarious the person lost himself was seriously taken as a path finder and followed by groups of people who blindly believed and followed where ever he go is a short cut .so it happened like this as i realized i was running no where i joined the fools and allowed them to walk with me .literally as we walked i was ones again carried away by their praises i started to get involved in that process and gradually started to neglect the fact and believed that I am a path finder and walked like a hero at the side of the track.everyone in track looked amused and joined us other were confused and looked at me for answer.and i would say the smart and normal people were laughing out loud with tears (roflol) and rest felt sorry for us. but neglected everyone and kept running as fast as i could thought people are laughing at me because their jealous at my speed and kept moving forward with a hope to join the track every soon and win .but still unknown to the goal.

PS we literally happen to believe ourself very strongly when our beloveds believe us .and we also get belief on false when we are been believed by others (some time resulting good )

Short cut (Broken leg -The story #3 )

I had totally lost it now a sound of foot steps woke me when i opened my eyes i was no more on track guess i was stupid enough for believing my so called friends .they all were very happy seeing me off track and enjoyed the site .Now i was in middle of no where ,staring at the runners , hoping for miracle ,wondering what went wrong i stood there like a clown looking at laughing peoples at my dumbness.everyone crossed me ,the weakest and the worst and all i could do now was simply watch them win and clap at my own foolishness .I had lost my spot the people who were running with me were no where to be found but i still kept the hope and wandered like a stray horse looking for them from the side of the racetrack.
Suddenly all the smiles started to look different the people for whom i stopped to help looked blanked at my statues and laughed .Then a wired feeling poked with in me "NO i was not born to be a comedian" i knew i could beat the first most person if i wished to ,even been so embraced , humiliated i tried to ignore the laughs and run in my own way.pushing my anger on my legs ,nothing mattered me where i was running or i was running off track i just wanted to beat the first most person .now i was self centered because i was my own path,i didn't stop or looked at any one ran and ran till i realized i been a fool. just then when i heard " wow you got the speed", when i looked back what i saw few group of people with the same fake smiles trying to join me ,i was literally shocked and  amused at those fools who thought i was a path finder and followed me thinking where i was running is a short cut.

PS knowingly or unknowingly people follow and depend on you for good 
Comedians are the courages people on planet bring back the lost smile of  the world :) 

Friends (Broken leg -The story #2 )

As i was running alone i started gathering all people how ever were running along and called them my friends i thought they will run with me all the way to the finish line in all ups and downs.i started been a supporter ,cheered, cracked jokes , it was very enjoyable finally. still tho i was unknown to where, why and for what i was there i started enjoying it like evening walk.

"We often fail to identify the backstabbers behind those smiling faces" , so was i ,I was delightfully walking along, unknown to the fact i was gonna face later because of my so called friends .tho i could sense danger from them i still believed ,hoped and loved them .but all they could think of was pushing me off track .they started gaining up as we kept on running . i was no harm for them, i did no wrong .bring them together was my mistake. tho i had sensed this but still kept running along and smiling and waving .I was in my fantasy calling all my passerby friend , celebrating at their victories tho my excitements never mattered them but there were people great full as i was to be there running along or should i say walking along
PS : every smiling face doesn't wear a mask.i love my friends this post got nothing to do with them:) this is for those backstabber's i met. 
When some one is been hurt and speak about their feelings some people take priority of their Weeks and harm them for their lead or pleasure.
"If they cant shut their mouth better they shut their ears ".

Start line (Broken leg -The story #1 )

I Am on the track ,waiting for the sound of bullets ,I am all set to run but i didn't know the reason why i had to and where i was running for what cause was i asked to participate in this race .
when the race started and people started running as fast they can pushing others in their way and trying to bet the fastest of all, i just try to keep up with them .There were everyone as if i was running with the whole universe .people of all age, people who were slow like Tortoise, people who were physically and mentally handicapped ,people of all shapes and size thin like bamboo fat like pumpkin.everyone were there running as fast as light (speed of light = 299 792 458 m / s ) .just kidding but its true they were at least trying .out of all this sporty feel there were few other helping and supporting the weakest and encouraging the best and cheering everyone . I was nothing like any of them ,i was no where with them .i was enjoying the support and trying to walk as fast as i could , i was feeling as if i born yesterday i didn't understand a thing tho
" I had everything to win but still was not in winning " i was running to watch more passerby .

PS when your in a race never mind for what your running always think of winning .!!

Dreams (Broken leg -The story )

All this time of my life i never thought or understood life is a race i use to judge others thinking they are not following their dreams their been cows following the first most person like a animals ,their running just because they had to. speaking frankly now that I understand things to an extend i know it need great courage and desire to make our dream come true and live our fantasy..i am not De-motivating its true every things possible in this world except time travel .you need to follow the crowed till you understand yourself and your life better because when you know your different nothing can stop you from been a hero ..:)


Dreams are beauty of life;
Dreams make life happy place to live;
Dreams make you work;
Dreams make you live your life better.
When you dream you dream to be a hero,
When you dream it for real and imagination grows close, your thoughts forcing you to achieve,your desire of life.
Dreams must not be a time cutter .
Dreams must create passion,
Dreams must create goal,
Dream must bring light to life.
Dream today,make a better tomorrow.
Dream in night,work in light ,to bring a change in your life.
Work day and night to bring life to your dreams.
Welcome nightmare because they show up when your very near fulfilling your dreams.
Keep dreaming because dreams are your BEST FRIENDS.



Life take birth with thousands of dreams
and the beauty of that life will be in living those dreams in that life .
 PS "Dreams " is original and wrote by myself .:):)

Introduction (Broken leg -The story )

Is a fiction based on the out look of a stubborn and irresolute kid,who fail to understand the
importance of time and value of been loved,
who always gets distracted by the temptations around
and convenes him self life is what we always dream about and
gets carried away day dreaming of his fantasy life forgetting his reality,
this is a story of every single person who forgets his duty and
value of time and yet still dream to be a hero.

It is dedicated to all my friends for been impact on "Broken legs"
and my friend nethra ,suraj and naveen for believing
and a special thanks to vinay for bringing out the best in me
and finally my family for been the hope of my life.. :)
♥℘.s.ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ♥

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Miley cyrus ( I'll Always Remember You )

always knew this day would come
We'd be standing one by one
With our future in our hands
So many dreams, so many plans

Always knew after all these years
There'd be laughter, there'd be tears
But never thought I'd walk away
With so much joy, but so much pain

And it's so hard to say goodbye
But yesterday's gone
We gotta keep moving on
I'm so thankful for the moments
So glad I got to know you
The times that we had, I'll keep like a photograph

And hold you in my heart forever
I'll always remember you
Another chapter in the book
Can't go back but you can look
And there we are on every page

Memories I'll always save
Up ahead only open doors
Who knows what we're heading towards?
I wish you love, I wish you luck

For you the world just opens up
But it's so hard to say goodbye
Yesterday's gone
We gotta keep moving on

I'm so thankful for the moments
So glad I got to know you
The times that we had, I'll keep like a photograph
And hold you in my heart forever

I'll always remember you

Every day that we had
All the good, all the bad
I'll keep them here inside

All the times that we shared
Every place, everywhere you touched my life
Yeah, one day we'll look back
We'll smile and we'll laugh

But right now we just cry
'Cause it's so hard to say goodbye
Yesterday's gone
We gotta keep moving on

I'm so thankful for the moments
So glad I got to know you
The times that we had, I'll keep like a photograph
And hold you in my heart forever

I'll always remember you
P S My all time favorite singer and her best song :) :) 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friends and Friendship

Who in this universe is unknown to a word "FRIENDS".
Who in this universe is unknown to a relation like"FRIENDSHIP" .

I mean seriously who in this world is really alone ??
There is always one or the other person with you or behind the screens of your life.
Caring for YOU,Worrying for YOU,Always beside YOU, Helping YOU in your needs, Making you smile when YOU feel like crying. Making you bust out of tears for nothing and Making all Silly day a memory for life and Lots of  Loads of  feelings which just cant be expressed.
well thats friendship..:)
all You need to do is open your eyes and accept who /what were they are .of course they can be nothing other then humans.and stop searching for friends and start making friends with those who are in need of a friend.
Its just so wired na literally think ,like you go on a evening walk and first day its about diet second day its still all about diet 3rd day there is smile for you and 4th day it starts with HI! Hello! I Am! and all of the sudden most painful and boring thing like evening walk just changes to the fun spot of your day,you wait impatiently to walk with them again. slowly you share thoughts problems, discussions,figuring out solutions .knowingly unknowingly the unbreakable bond develop b/w you ,which some times are for life time and some times time changes every thing .

I am just stopping by to thank all those wonderful people, 
  • Who stayed for a while and changed my life for good. 
  • For those who thought me the difference b/w real and fake.
  • For those who used to save a seat for me in bus and class .
  • For those who used to bring me lunch since I was to lazy to get one myself.
  • For those who send me forwards daily even when I don't reply back.
  • For those who been patience at my impatience (love you mom and dad)
  • For those special ones who risked their life to give me a life (my sister) 
  • For those who were there with me in every sorrow & happiness (i lvu bu)   
  • All of those who were there around me in my day to day life.
  • For those who are unknown but still smile when ever I smile at them .
for stopping by :) Thank you

P S There are a lot of people around us who love and adore us for what we are and wait for us to join their journey of life and even making our journey sweet, give them changes to be a good friend and be a friend:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Song of the week

Selena gomez -Who says

selena gomez new songs out *whoopee* but sad part is its not worth of been so excited :( ..!!
video is blocked "thats rude selena + Thats so unfair" !! any ways who is gonna listen to me well  latest the songs sounds fresh and nice. lyrics are very punchy and catchy and some what concerned type, sounds nice to hear when your sad and feeling alone..

lyrics is simply too good "touchy feely" .
one of my favorite line
"I am no beauty queen I am just beautiful me" and lot more
Any ways i am crazy crazy about selena gomez music for now .
 I mean i like her music but not every single song !!
"apart for this 3 songs"
Year with out rain
Round and Round
I felt some thing was missing but i loved it over all any ways .
"katy perry's firework was in selena's who says"
don't listen to me check your self  .
Thats too much of headlong so in short this is my new caller tune and i, like it like it :).

P S i love you selena 

Famous Writings

We soon learn not to assume that people in the past thought about and experienced life in the same ways that we do today. Here are few famous writings of all time by very well known writers.
This writings have been passed on to generation for many years from now, they are not as simple as they look in those rhyming words they hold the values and simple lessons of our childhood which we are forgetting in our day to day life .as follows are cherry picked motivational and inspiring writings they are so magical and inspiring every time you read .

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Don't Quit

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low, and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you frown a bit,
Rest if you must, but don't you quit.

Life is strange with its twists and turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about,
When he might have won had he stuck it out;
Don't give up though the pace seems slow,
You may succeed with another blow.

Success is failure turned inside out,
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you can never tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far;
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit,
It's when things seem worst
That you must not quit.

Abraham Lincoln