10 days challenge - day 10 *Secrets*

Finally my last post  from the tag *whoop whoop*  i'm so happy ,its over now i need not wonder about myself for clue to blog *ufff* i hate to exaggerate myself ..so skipping on to my last topic Secrets *ssshhh* .

1.I'm a simple women who always show what kind of moods i'm in .i some times display myself with act much more than talks.2.when i'm really mad and anger, ill trash and throw things what ever get in my hand . I've very bad temper !!

3.  I'm one crazy lazy girl who wake up late like in noon !!

4.I can't be rude to any one, no matter how irritating they are but only till I really get pissed off their so dead *beware*.

5.I can really hide my feeling and hold back my tears for really long ,and I prefer dark and lonely place to weep . I don't show much of my weakness , despite my innocent and childish look you can never get to know me deep .

6. The word shopping really make me jump around with happy tears, i'm not so proud Shopaholic .

7.When I dance, thats when I live most of my happy life . I get over my frustration When I dance .

8. And i can't be anger on any one, for not even more than a day .i'm that sweet !!

9.I know i'm a grown up now but I still sleep with my teddy  ..!!

10. I booze occasionally and vodka is very bad on me and I throw up every thing ones in a while and i hate hangover.

PS ssshhhh don't tell any one please keep my secrets a secret ..!!

 ⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥


dint know four of yur secrets nd nw i know...:p
2,4,5,6 nd 8 are similar again..:D
gud to know many things of yu nd thanks to 10 day challenge...
Anonymous said…
Vodka is mostly d drink i always prefer, and i do ocassionaly throw up too, like last nite, twice on road :P:P
I sleep with a teddy bear too, technically, its a bunny! I call it hunny bunny! :)
U r moody is what I can see through this post, but i have never seen that side of you! :)
Neways, congrats on finishing up ten day challenge! :)
@earthie haha c told you we hav a lot in common aftr all we are frnds for a very long time happens and secrets ?? you knew about all this didn't you ??
nice i hope very soon even ill get to know more about you, all the bst fa your challenge
@colors haha i know that feeling ,and cute name by d by :):)and ya eagle eyed you got me right and thank you so much sweet heart :)
we have alot in common *hehehe*
3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9.. i love my teddy *hehehe*
Anonymous said…
good one yar :) nice blog u have got and u seem to update it regularly :) that cool :) :) :)

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