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Story of Grief

You never cared or loved instead you always stayed safe. It was me who was always in trouble and pain, facing family and losing friends.  You  lost nothing but took away everything from my life, I heard you say 'I love you' but yet you just kept calling me a names  and today even after everything I bared ,I have more to learn  after all this love was just fake. I know you will be with your better half soon  your excitement for your newlywed just makes me wonder; did we ever share anything special or was it just meant for me to suffer. maybe we were never a lovers,maybe all this was just a nightmare but I know you were never the one for me and all this was my foolishness and today I'm the one to be blamed, when tho I have Lost many thing, I feel sorry for you  because you'll never know the real beauty of my love.

this story of grief  is reason we doubt love existence  and, so  I just wanna say before falling see where you're going because  you might think you're f…


Few years back there was a girl who was a class clone, bullied and laughed always on and she was the only kid with poor grades in every subject. She was sent out of class one day for not knowing how to spell “SKY” she went home crying and she complain that people made fun of her grades .when she was about to give up, he was there watching her back and that day he told a story which changed that girls life..

There was a humble and quite kid always with big dreams. Only hire of the Throe but he had no Kingdom to rule because he was from streets. His Strict father always told him to earn and a mom who always felt helpless. Most of his childhood he served his parents well, sometimes nursing his sick mom or cooking for his dad. He studied in government school with only 1 set of uniforms and always barefoot. He always had trouble learning alphabets so he was put in Kannada medium a Regional language..He was a kid who saw his father's other side but always took his words as a new quest.…


I love you,he said with a smile  but burnt her like acid.. holding up the snippets of yesterday,she curl up in pain and in a hope to escape from his sleek she close her eyes  but only to feel his hug ones again.

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The Rebel !!

As clear as the sky and as deep as the sea, It's as simple as that to sense and feel But within lies the fire, That can rebel A trapped soul seeking for help; In those stares lies a story unsaid And a heart hopping to be cared: With dreams waiting to escape And live a carefree life But Instead it just smile With all secrets as it's jewel it shines so clear, yet so mystical ! Scary it is to feel that pain through ones eye but one can never understand That true person who is hiding there In vain.
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In times I go Blahblaholic, And I'm just being Bebalicious, No doubt everything in my life is Fun-ta-taing, and no offence I'm all Sexified and My Attitude is Classified.

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Model: Maaya Likitha

SomeDay SomeWhere SomeHow

I thought you knew I liked you I thought you knew I cared
I thought you knew I had to take of all the silly things we shared
I thought you knew how important you were to my heart
I thought you of the things I did.
Those things I did from very beginning

I thought you knew you’re the only one, I turn to every time I cry If you only gave me the time  If you only gave me a chance,
I’d show you how much I care,
I’d make our love really last
I thought you knew, without a doubt.
I thought you knew every single emotion I had for you
I thought you felt it to, Our love will someday somewhere somehow it will turn out to be true.

unconditional love

Every blossom is special Where every bloom carry the fragrance of happiness .. as in Every heart beats for love and care. . The feel of acceptance is what life is all about  and the essence of love is all it takes to experience the unconditional love..

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New shoes!!

Hands down, but its time to move on. I have out grew from cute girl shoes! and its that time again.
It was a roller coaster ride, but I never get enough of gravity and heights. So I'm gonna put my hands up and let my hair fly, and buckle up for the ride.
I'm gonna scream and shout and make some noise, and annoy everyone with a smile. I'm gonna make them fall in love with me and also enjoy the ride.
Because hands down its time to move on! I have out grew from cute girl shoes, Because life is a Bitch .  and now is my time to kiss a good bye.
After all its my life, I'm done crying! Universe will smile on me soon,  So I'm gonna get ready; and look all fab.