Saturday, April 30, 2011

Page form my Diary

Life in times teaches you the meaning of seriousness so randomly , don't know what you will lose or gain in that fight. Life to me is always a question mark regarding everything, tho I fall at my every step I Still force myself to stand up and hope for good .

Its not your mistake that you believe someone or something so much knowingly that later you will end up dead by the same subject, it happens; love ,respect more than all humanity can't be expected from all .
I hardly believed in anything or took anything seriously in life ,that i'm at the edge of it, now i'm forced to go on in a different direction; from that of my dreams and opt the future where I never belonged.
Every morning I had the tendency to believe that every day is a new start to further hope of leading a better life but I always ended up in a wrong place but still; like they say " Its never too late " .I know, I can still make it right and regain my loss .

Now that, I know; my thoughts about life was wrong in consideration to people with whom  my life was and is included and it may be true that today I stand alone and the people around me; making good use of my fall. No matter if not today ill change and lead a better life tomorrow and make it perfect this time for sure; ill win it .
With hopes and regards for better future I'm stepping into a new start , Where ill balance myself and my life in a aim to reach my goal .

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥

Sunday, April 24, 2011

*Heart in the sky*

Had a awful day literally killed myself of boredom worst weekend ever, weather was soo sleepy, cloudy and boring but all my friends were updating their statues in Facebook as "I love this weather" I was the only person unhappy about the weather I guess *ufff horrible* I am happy the day is over .

Evening around 6pm I took happy for a walk,Climate was very cloudy and it was dripping already and I noticed a very wired thing ,Today the Sky was filled with heavy rainy clouds, thunders and lightings it look so differently blue was amused at the sight simply clicked few pictures from my Corby, Later came home and uploaded those picture to system and in one of the picture for my surprise there was this heart shape glow . I was amused, zoomed and checked in all direction but it clearly looked like a heart *just so wired* I thought might be my imagination and to conform that I was not day dreaming uploaded it in my Facebook found some mutual reaction ,so here it is ! left side of the coconut tree in corner a tiny heart shape glow ,simply seems so unreal but trust me its not edited or any thing its original and clean.   

And later goggled sky and found huge number of images to be amused about and my heart picture was no where to fit in but for sure every one will have this sort of experience of seeing some thing in sky,  the smart ones picture it and few just enjoy the view and later forget But I am happy I captured it *bliss* I think it was my lucky day :).

Few of more snap i clicked on the way back home * original*( Nature at its best)

⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥

Monday, April 18, 2011


"Trust" god thats one huge word, In this world you can be no one with out this 4 letter in your pocket.It play a huge role in your life, It is the First most Important word and meaning that as to be learnt in life.If you trust yourself you will never be scared of any thing in world and If you have the same trust on someone no matter what happens or what the world speak nothing can spoil your relationship. But never blindly trust in someone so much that they get the priority to hurt you so bad that you get scared by the word Trust.

Trying to answer the complicated word "TRUST" related questions in my way that would be as follows.

Phase 1.
How to be sure where to imply Trust ? and what is trust ?

Every thing on this world stands on trust, some are blind folded and sometimes even tho when they are so clear and open and some times right in front of us , we still fail to believe and later risk them forever . In this present lifestyle its hard not to trust someone and its even harder to trust that someone you don’t have choice and some times its not what you wish for or what you want , it just happens but you get to face the consequence. You yourself fall into dilemma weather to believe or if not whats next and get lost in the thought wondering how to fit in that place with out well grow strong when it comes about living that is the place where you need to imply the word "trust" ,one of my friend had told me in my bad time " BELIEVE EVERYONE BUT BLINDLY TRUST NO ONE " and even today I do think of it ones in a while * thx faiz * and hope it might be helpful for you too in the journey of complications .

Phase 2 .
How to trust on someone who already had crashed and smashed your trust or lost trust ?
This is the most happening question in ever hurt minds. Answer for this is Everything matters like why did they do ? where did they do ? and how did they do ? and final when did they do ? (for real "W" is a dangers alphabet because it alway end with question mark)back on well go through the story again and again and if you think they should be forgiven and 2nd chance for good would be nice only if they are worth it or when they have earned it .

Phase 3.
How to regain the Trust ? 
Well mistakes happen by humans only but be kind and courages to admit your mistakes and try cleaning your mess and never let someone else take your blame.
Its on you to convenes and win their trust again it happens only when your truly worth it or when you have earned it !! And some time a simple Sorry from all your heart will do its magic .but never play around with someone every time and try to finishing it with sorry one day it might cost you a lot better mind it the first time.

Phase 4.
How to Forgive the one who didn't trust you ?
Forgive them now because one day when they come across the truth they would never forgive them self "silents hurt more than words" and every thing is worth a 2 chance when tho when you never get the strength to trust someone who never trusted you or never trust you silents work here because what ever you do or what ever you say its like water pored on a stone wast and useless but remember mistakes happen.
so I would end my words saying TRUST is a very complicated you can't trust someone and risk a heart break or you even can't wrong judge someone and risk losing them so all is well just be yourself and trust in yourself and believe your heart because you can commit mistakes but your heart always suggest whats good for all so more than anyone or anything BELIEVE AND TRUST YOURSELF .

❝ To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved ❞
PS: Trust should never ever get rusted keep it alive, for good.
for more on what is trust click on the link
❥ Signing Off ⇨Prathiツ

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stand up (Broken leg -The story #5)

There was this moment to rejoin the the runners and start it all over again but people who followed were so excited they forgot all about me and just rushed into the track .
Later a kick of some one woke me i was so happy to see myself inside the track so excited but sensed a pain ,that pain didn't looked right it was killing me to stand up I watched the runners and the people feeling sorry for me and the people who were running with me but still were so happy to see me on ground .
I cried to god why always me what are my mistakes i swear to ill never be over confident or ill very be mean to any one or ill do nothing wrong in my life just give a pull and make me stand i promise to win but all I could do is hope and pray and wishing on Broken star to help my Broken legs .

All of the sudden for the first time in my life i could see the trophy and a winner of my age from a inch far from my finish line .i had learnt my lessons now and the true meaning of winning its not just running fast its all about fighting for what you believed in.I saw the people who wanted me to win and shouting for me to get up but i forced to close my eye from seeing my reality and flighted back my tears i lied there on the ground like a real fool a inch away from been a winner .I wanted to win ,I wanted to run,i wanted to prove myself , but more then all that; I just wanted to STAND UP.

Broken legs is just a thought of race and life together, 
If you wanna live your dreams its all in winning it and playing safe. 
Because this is life every thing is wrong and every thing is right,
Only until you discover what is good for you, you can live your life king size if not that at lest happy.
All the Best for your living .
*Before you fall weak Stand up for what you believe in & live It right, to Win It.*

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Monkey Pod tree

This flowers are my favorite they bring back my childhood memories usually they blossom in summer in the month of march and thats when i use to get my summer holidays *Bliss* wow i just loved summer, no school, no need of waking up early (one of the most painful thing for me even now) and whole day playing in sunshine and running in streets visiting all friends house etc.Evening times we use to play in park near by to my house its known as Disney park well it didn't have any good attraction than this trees fully blossomed in pink and flowers were so soft and smooth like cotton candy and even smelled sweet .we friends use to tight a rope to tree branches and swig on it .I use to pluck flowers everyday and the best time was early in the morning they would beautify our locality and the park and I use to Enjoy the view.I was very much obsessed with this flowers then.
We also use to make cricket balls out of  its fruit ,The fruit is a long pod with soft flesh inside, which is sweet to taste and very sticky, we use to smash it nicely and grind it with big stones and make into balls and than keep it out in sun when they were dried they used to turn out hard like the professional cricket balls.We used to play with them for some time until something else caught our fancy

One day as usual was out playing badminton in shade of this trees with my friends we were a group of 8 to 9. I hit the shuttlecock hard and had got struck to its branches .We actually had to throw or slippers and badminton make it fall but when all we use to throw something it use to get struck and then again throw stuff to make it fall but that day I guess we were very unlucky we hit the Honey Bee Swarm the bees started to attach on every one around we ran like mad dogs to our house and locked safe .
Thank god that day no one got hurt but well you can guess what would have happened next we were grounded whole summer and after that day we stopped going to that park because of the fear of the people who stayed near to the park and of course the bees ,one of my friend use to tell that bees will never forget, if we go there again they will attack us so that was it c'mon we were just kids :p .

After some days some people destroyed the Honey Bee Swarm for honey but by then a new park was constructed so we all stopped going there and later we got older and all got busy in their own life.Even today if I go in that park road I stop and stare at those trees and sometimes I even pluck flowers but Ever since then I am scared of bees but i love Monkey pod tree and its Calliandra flower .

PS: The common name of this tree is Monkey Pod tree. It is native of Mexico, Brazil, South and Southeast Asia,Pacific islands and Hawaii.The pink flowers start blooming during March in South India)
singing off PRATHI :) 


"Life" well i am to young to speak about life so thats not my thought ,but i do wonder when ever we tend towards it and start to expect huge we always end up in emptiness losing the exciting peace & happiness.
Why is it expectation always hurt so much and create a new world where all you can find is darkness and again there you are tend to expect light and just like that of  we expect from our dear ones.We expect them to be bit more attentive to us and silly hopes towards them result you heart break and tend you to hope for the best why ??.
Life is filled with such simple expectations not even wishes if it was a wish i think it might have come true but some times expectation are not worth of been so excited or waiting or wishing on a falling star.Waiting some times result more expectation and some time it gives ripe fruit which is sweet and healthy .So when you think its life playing games with you think again its no one than yourself and your over willingness and expectation resulting you a narrow life style.
“Anger always comes from frustrated expectations”

PS: I don't know what got into me today but felt like blogging just a self thought if its to lame excuse me :) .

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

This Is Me ♕

Free as the wind that blows through the trees,
Active as the buzzing of the energetic bees,
Wild as the flowers that grow in the field,
But as calm as the deep blue sea

My smile is extra bright,
And the love I give is just right,
I'm so happy about my life,
That my soul just shines,
Even when life begins to taste like a sour lime,

I'm not your average young lady,
Jewels, diamonds, and pearls are things I don't need,
To love, respect and honor is my creed,
So I'll always keep it real,

I am what I am
Young and Be-you-ti-full,
I do the best I can,
I will never change because I know me just being, is enough,
I can only be me and that's all I will ever strive to be

                                                                       By Aziza Wilburg 

Music is my Boyfriend ➳♥

MUSIC in my life always in *caps* .I literally wonder if not music what else?? don't you ever end up in such  thoughts?? i do occasionally I force myself to use my brain on things like this
We need music around us every time and every where like a boy friend or girl friend ..

Today when i was cleaning my room was listening to cheryl cole's happy tears and all of the sudden i felt like as if she was standing and singing that specially in reference's to me .my heart was bounding to her every single word ,her words ever really worth to hold on they indeed made me smile later but i ended up with this though if not music what else ..

singing off PRATHI :)

Success ??

Studies make me sick i feel like doing a monkey dance when i open my book but i badly want to be educated in all means of life.In times its not just about degree or doctorate its about what your made of and what you know about and what you love to do for rest of your life .
Back in times me as a kid i loved to be a doctor literally that  is because i was badly inspired by my dad ,well he is my hero i would end up doing anything to be a good human like him .but "god heavens have their whole new ideas for my life i guess *finger cross* " .This is what i use to think when things didn't turn out right for me. you get strength by positive thought but to be frank they as well as turn you in to a acceptor which is okay but not good. Life is all about fighting in what you believe . and respecting what ever you get not accepting logically success comes when you respect what ever you get and fight for what ever you believe in .

singing off PRATHI :)     

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Lets Party ✌

we won *whoop whoop*  cherry on top INDIA won the  ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2011 *Bliss*
it was a crazy crazy *heartbeat* day , literally i had glued myself in front of TV the whole day, i was screaming at every hit.
Today when ever i look back i feel God heavens what a day a day to remember for life time after 28 years India won the world cup wow *confetti* ..uffff its a relief hats of to our cool Capitan MS Dhoni and Indian cricket team you made India proud you rock your the world champions  mwahhhhhh ** I  love you all.